12 week scan this week so scared need advice :S

Ok well I'm not new to this because I have a near 4 year old infact he's 4 on the 3rd of January but with his pregnancy everything was fine up untill the end but I'm now 12 weeks today with my second I've had pains throughout the pregnancy I had a first scan at 5weeks because of pains then I had another 4days later because I began bleeding at 6weeks everything looked fine they then repeated the scan a week later and baby still looked fine. I carried on as normal the sickness started at 6weeks and stopped at 10weeks I'm just absolutelly terrified for some unkown reason that something bad has happened my scan is on my sons 4th birthday as well which is making me anxious I just want to shout it from the rooftops about baby but till I see the scan I'm a bag of nerves has anyone else had bleeding and pain during early pregnancy I need advice and would I have known if something had happend?


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  • I had some pain early on it was nothing they were too concerned about but it did make me really worry about it I was just hoping and praying everything would be fine on my scan, don't get yourself worked up about it I'm sure everything's fine :) and it will be a beautiful birthday present for your son to know he will be a big brother x

  • I had quite a big bleed early in pregnancy and was taken straight into hospital, but when they scanned baby, he was as healthy as can be and a super fidget. I'm 21 weeks now and he's still a fidget. This is my third baby and I didn't have nothing like this with the other 2. I hope it goes well. :)

  • I have had 3 pregnancies all of which have been very different, the discomfort and anxiety I experienced increased with each pregnancy. I had pain in my second and third that I never had with my first and I bled during pregnancy 3. I am happy to say all my boys were born a healthy happy 9lb+. I hope everything goes well for you, try to relax and think positive. The way I thought about it was if I felt sick and experienced the discomfort then something good was going on inside there. Wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy! Good luck for the 3rd.

  • Aww thank you everyone you've calmed me down a tad I'm a right emotional wreck this week I keep crying at everything I presume its pregnancy hormones I will keep you updated on how it goes xx

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