Had early scan and no heartbeat. Anyone else had this?

I found out I was pregnant and the beginning of december. went for a scan on 13th dec and was told i was about 5 weeks as the sac etc was there but not even a pea!! Went back friday for internal scan as was told there was no heartbeat. Obviously I'm devastated, but have been looking on the net and some people are saying its too early to see anything. I've got no pain on bleeding but have been told to prepare foir misscarriage. What I dont understanbd is scan friday stated I'm 8 weeks and 3 days so ive managed to skip a week somewhere???? I'm hoping and praying my little baked bean is just being awkward and is just gonna be tall like mummy and daddy but i just wondered if anyone else has had this before? I'm going to let nature take its course for a couple of weeks to see if anything changes, but i'm going out of my head.


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  • This happened to me at 7.5 weeks, it was a missed misscarriage. I had seen the heartbeat at six weeks so it was a shock.

  • It happened to me.. They thought I was 6weeks but on the sscan nothing was there just a sac 2 day later had another scan and the yolk sac was there but no baby.. A week later baby was there and I'm now 22weeks :D

  • I was admitted to hospital bleeding at six weeks, they thought I miscarried. I had a sac and nothing else. I had a scan about ten days later, this time a sac with a dot,but they were not very optimistic. I was so worried,bad news would almost be better than this horrible limbo. I had a hcg blood test which said I was still pregnant( push your doctor for this test). I had another scan at nine weeks, it turned out I had been pregnant with twins and lost one, but to see that other little heart go was amazing to say the least. I am now 35 weeks and like whale. Don't give up hope, try to rest as much as you can, I won't say don't worry because I know it's impossible. The very best of luck xx

  • This happened to me with my first child. I ended up in hospital with a suspected eptopic. I had several scans and they couldn't see anything. The blood tests stated otherwise. I ended up having a camera inside to look for baby in my tubes and womb. They didn't find anything and gave me a D&C (I think that's the term). I was told I'd had a miscarriage. I was devestated. 2 weeks later my bloods still said I was pregnant, I had a scan and she was there, tiny. After all of that proding and poking she had made it. They couldn't offer an explanation other than she was hiding or I was carrying twins. She is now 21 years old and at uni. Try to relax, they are so small to begin with and very easy to miss. Good luck x

  • Thanks for everyones responses. Unfortunately my little baked bean hasnt made it. I had another scan yesterday and the baby has shrunk down to 14mm from 17mm. I'm devasted. I had so hoped that they had got in all wrong. I'm going in for treatment on tuesday as I cant take this hanging over my head any longer. Ive got a gorgeous little boy whos 4 and needs me to be happy mummy again. Good luck with everything everyone. and thanks again for ur responses xx

  • So sorry for your loss x

  • I am so sorry to hear this. Thinking of you xx

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