Is it eptopic?

I'm about 6 weeks pregnant after taking the morning after pill, I'm really worries that its going to be eptopic and ii have a little pain around my left hip bone, it's not severe, just niggling and is worse at night or if I've been sitting a long time. I've checked symptoms and most say that the pain would be severe, in my abdomen and on the right side. Should I go up to the hospital just in case?


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5 Replies

  • It is a bit rubbish having to go and wait around at the hospital but it does sound like you should go and set your mind at ease. Good luck - it's extremely likely that it is nothing. x

  • Hi there, congratulations. I dont think it is an Ectopic from your description. But for a peace of mind, go and see a Doctor. Sometimes it is good to follow your instincts. I am not sure if you will be offered a scan because you are only 6 weeks, not much can be seen at this time. Like i said instead of having doubts see a Doctor. All walk in centres work out of hours, bank holidays and slightly later than Gp's. For emergencies your local Accident and Emergency department. All the best.

  • Thanks, but I think it was just wind, feel really stupid, I went for a poo and it doesn't hurt anymore.

  • We've all been there and worried ourself it was something bad - glad you feel better x

  • Glad all is well, happy new year to you all : )

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