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travel system for baby advice

I know this isn't health related but I'm so overwhelmed with how to prepare for the baby. I'm 24 weeks, very excited and still so nervous, hoping all goes well with the rest of the process.

Can anyone recommend a travel system? I'm quite active and want to walk a lot after the baby is born and want something that will cope well with the paths at my local woods. Ideally something that will last a few years so more than a pram. My sister is gifting me it so now seems a good time to buy while the sales are on. You're advice is much appreciated.

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I would go to a pram shop/mothercare and see what suits you. Push a few round and see which style you like best.

Good luck!! Xxxxx


I agree! Mothercare, mamas and papas etc are really good for advice if you tell them what you want. I know my friend had similar requirements to you and got one from mothercare half price.

Have fun! We loved shopping for our pram, it was really weird but fun!!!!


I picked up a fabulous Mothercare brand one with my first bubba (and it was half price at the time!). it was a three wheeler, with large wheels - great for off-roading. We do lots of walking, and in fact our bubba's first big day trip out was to the Highland Wildlife Park way up north in Scotland. Larger wheel size means the pram deals better with getting through gravel and eases bumps. Easier for managing stairs too - less rotations of the wheel, so less work.

The downside to consider with the three-wheeler prams is the size (and with some, the weight). We had a tiny car, and the pram folded well enough to fit in the hatch boot - and the wheels popped off with a simple one-button mechanism. But I would NEVER consider getting my pram on and off a bus! I'd rather walk for a day than deal with a 15 minute bus journey with that pram.

And now that I have bubba no. 2, the pram is no longer suitable. It'll do the job for now, as I can easily use the baby carrier for the little one, but once we move we'll switch to a pram which accommodates both of them. Bill and Ted's have some lightweight, sturdy three wheelers, which have attachments to accommodate a second baby.

So, it all depends on your budget and foreseeable requirements.

From a shopping strategy point of view, I recommend trying prams in-store to work out the features / brand etc that work for you, then check online for prices. Some stores have reduced prices that only apply to online orders, and you can also do an immediate price comparison.

Have fun shopping!!

R x


Mother care have one that's made for stuff like that.. Nt sure what its called but its got three big wheels and comes in a black and giraffe pattern and kakki


We're getting the bugaboo cameleon 3 its just a gorgeous pram pushchair travel system only thing with it gotta be willing to pay over the top for it but well worth it for baby and plus baby sud be lying on there back for the first 3months best position for baby :) happy baby shopping x


I don't know why I'm so overwhelmed by a simple choice for a travel system of some sort. I've been in Mothercare several times and Mama's and Papa's and John Lewis too and not the slightest bit wiser about what would be the best choice for me. The staff have never approached me to offer any expertise but then neither have I asked for it, too gobsmacked by the choices and the prices (some are so expensive, my goodness me!) :) I have a teeny budget of £350-400 and hoping to snap up a bargain in the sales, as it's my first baby I'd like to get something new rather than second hand. I want to do so quickly before the sales end.

My partner has two grown up kids but won't offer any suggestions as left to his own devices he says he wouldn't purchase anything other than a buggy and wouldn't consider a pram at all and is leaving the decision to me - eek! I'm tempted to buy something online and go on the specification of the item. I don't know one brand from another, what to avoid or anything.

My requirements are simply for it to be useable till toddler age ideally (so more than just a pram) and that I can use it in the town/shopping centre and go off road for my little jaunts in the woods, I think a travel system of some sort and that's all I know! I'm really rather rubbish at shopping... it's not my strong point.

Thank you to everyone for your advice! I really appreciate it!


I'm expecting my third baby and have had lots of different travel systems and prams. The phil and teds was brilliant for being out and about, it has 3 wheels and is brilliant in the woods and for dog walking. I also got this pram as it can be converted for 2 children, if u ever have another!! Now my other two children r older I've chosen a bit more of a snazzy pram from mammas and papas. It's from birth all the way through plus u can clip on the car seat. I love it! The people all helped me when I told them my needs, don't be scared to ask. Getting ur first pram is quite a big thing! :) good luck. X


Ps, this was around £380 including the car seat, adapters, cosey muff thingy and the pram, which faces u to start then can be turned as they get bigger.



We've been looking for a while as I'm restricted in terms of fitting something in the car boot (Mini) but like to be outside. We were recommended the 'Out n About - Nipper' - it's an off-road'ish' three-wheeler and although not a travel system, it's suitable from birth to until the child no longer needs a buggy. You can get a carry-cot bit to make it into a pram if you want, but a cheaper option is the new-born support insert as the seat part does go completely flat. It's also compatible with Maxi-Cosi car seats by gettting some adapters for about £20 something. So once you have the buggy and a car seat, that's it. - take a look. We are getting ours from a local supplier and have been to see it, and our decision is now made. It's so lightweight but still very sturdy, and you can buy all accessories and parts to maintain it online, so it will last for the 3 or 4 years you need it to.


I'm so glad you asked this! I've been feeling the same about all the stuff i will need to get. I'm only 20 weeks but want to snap up some bargains in the sales. My friends are all giving me different advice but think I am going to head to John Lewis and ask for help!!



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