Could i be preggers??

Hi guys. I recently had a miscarraige (last month) and have had a little bleeding since. The nurse put me on medication (co-amoxiclav and metronidazole) to speed up the bleeding and clear any infection if there is any. Since then me and my partner have had intercourse. I have had the lightest bleeding, but have took a pregnancy test again which has turned out positive. What shoukd i do or is it just hormones from the miscarraige?

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It can be hormones for previous ones and it might also be possible that you were carrying twins at the first place (as it happen with a lot of women). Stay clam and positive and little patient, maybe repeat the test after a month or so or go for an early scan to make sure (although I am not sure how much early it is for you and how much the scan can actually help, but that surely is an option.)


O ok. Do u know how long after a miscarraige it willk take to conceieve?

Hiya, when I had a miscarriage last year I was told up to two weeks I could still turn a test positive with left over hormones, but also I was t my most fertile straight after, so u could be pregnant, I would test again in two weeks

Hmm ok. I miscarriaged beginning of last month, but bled for a while so had to take medication to stop and took a test last night and it came out positive. Im confused

Well I reckon u are pregnant, your misscarriage was over four weeks ago so no remaining hormones should be left! Test again in a few days, but sounds like u are to me. Good luck and fingers crossed, are u excited?

I had a miscariage on the 12th of November and because the sac refused to come out naturally I had a dilatation and curretage under Anaesthetic on the 26th Nov. I had a positive pregnancy test until last week and now it has become negative. So I have tested positive for almost 5 weeks from the date of miscarriage. I also had pregnancy symptoms like nausea and super sense of smell. The dilatation went well and everything was removed and only had a light bleed for 2 days after. Out of curiosity I did an ovulation test a week after dilatation and it showed I was ovulating. After miscarriage most women are super fertile. I was not given any antibiotics as it was not hospital policy unless if there is symptoms suggesting an infection. I was also told i could try straight away, the one month advice is for dating purposes. Good luck and all the best.

Thank u very much for ur advice and help. I have a appointment on the 4th of jan so untill then i guess everything is up in the air. If i am pregnant i would b very happy, but at the same time a bit worried incase i miscarry again. I miscarried at 8 weeks so until the 12 weeks pass ill b slighty worried. I havent told my partner as i dont wanna excite him and its not good news. Thank u again x

I was testing every 3 days due to pregnancy symptoms so, the test was positive until friday 21st december and went negative 23rd december. All the best.

I have an appointment on the 4th of jan so ill see what they say then. But thanku for ur help

Hi BabyJ, Apparantly the hormone can stay in your body for anything up to 8 weeks. Good luck with your scan, please let us know how you get on as I am in exactly the same postition as you but I have got to wait until 12th Jan arrgg it is frustrating.

Yeah ill let u kno how it goes. I feel ur pain, all i want to know is whats going on!!

I completely understand, all the best for the new year to you and to all of us trying xxxx

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