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Happy New Year to all

Hello all,

20 weeks + 3 days today and 20 week scan on 31st December - so nervous and excited! After having problems - PCOS and Factor V Leiden, I didn't really think it would happen but here I am.

Hoping I can help others, share experience and get advice. On Clexane every day for the Factor V Leiden and diagnosed with Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy: it can never be simple. As I am now stuck at home unable to work any more, I am online quite often.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and will have a brilliant New Year and 2013!

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Merry new Christmas r&r have a good one all the best for the scan :-)) xx


Good luck, I too have pcos so it's taken us ages to finally get pregnant. Pregnant for the second time currently 14 weeks 3 days, here's praying this baby is for keeps. My 21 weeks scan is 13 th feb can't wait


Good luck and best wishes and its the best thing seeing your baby on the screen, I too have pcos and I was told i'd never conceive i have one daughter already to the amazement of my gp and consultant at the hospital and yesterday it was confirmed I am going to have a son I am 20 weeks + 3 and loving everyminute of it hope 2013 is a good year for all x


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