18 weeks pregnant and got a weird feeling in vagina!

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and have had this weird feeling in my vagina for about two weeks it feels like something is in there I haven't had no pains or bleeding etc the only thing is I've been getting a bit of discharge (clear discharge) is this normal? Also my belly has getting very tight now and then is that normal aswell has any one else experinced this?


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  • Hi the weird feeling is that like spasms down below, I had that during my pregnancies x 3 and the stomach tightness as the baby moves or changes positions, I had all of these things and have 3 lovely girls too. If however you get pain or any concerns talk to your midwife or Doctor. Pregnancy can be a time of mixed emotions and you are right to ask. All the best : )

  • Hiya thank you for replying! It doesn't feel like spasms , it feels really strange like something is there! I feel strange sometimes like if I move something will come out of there! Maybe after the hoilday period I will get it check out!

  • Hey, the tightness in your belly sounds like Braxton-Hicks contractions, i.e. the painless practice contractions your uterus does to get ready for labour. I've noticed that mine are often accompanied by a tightness in my vagina as well, which can sometimes feel like a general squeezing, or sometimes more like a sensation of fullness, as if little'un has pushed his hand and arm through the cervix and is feeling around, which of course he couldn't and isn't. As for discharge, pregnancy is a very dischargy time. As long as it doesn't smell or look weird and isn't accompanied by pain, it's probably alright. Unless of course you're literally dripping, in which case you should get it checked out in case it's amniotic fluid. So to sum up, this all sounds normal, but I'm not medically trained, so it would still be wise to discuss it all with your midwife at your next appointment, or earlier if your spidey sense tingles and you just think something's not right.

  • Hello carren thank you for a reply! Braxton-Hicks contractions at 18 weeks isn't that a bit early? My discharge isn't smelly or hasn't changed colour! Great I will try and speak to midwife as soon as she returns back to work!

  • It's not too early to have them, though it's possibly unusually early to notice them. Here's an article with some more info: babycenter.com/0_braxton-hi.... Maybe you're just more in tune with your body than the average woman. I think talking to your midwife about it soon is a good plan though. They'd rather spend all day long reassuring women that what they're experiencing is normal than miss one thing that needed to be investigated further. All the best, and hopefully it's nothing to worry about!

  • Hi, with my 2nd pregnancy i started having braxton hicks at around 19-20 weeks has for the the feeling in down below i had it with my 2nd and this pregnancy which i am currently 25 weeks. With my 2nd i asked the midwife and she did say it is the baby just pushing down but if you are worried contact ur midwife.

  • Thank you for you reply I gett the feeling very offend I will be contacting my midwife asa!

  • I had a similar feeling from about 14 weeks and no idea what it was - it felt like something was going to fall out of me :S. I also felt sore between my legs and that turned into pain, which later spread to my back as well - I have pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy.

    Hopefully it is Braxton-Hicks - hope the midwife appointment goes well :)

    If it does turn to pain I do recommend a chiropractor or getting to a local pool. Swimming may also help with Braxton-Hicks as it relieves some pressure from the baby pushing down.

    Good luck

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