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How reliable are the clear blue digital pregnancy test?


Im usually regular with my peroids. Buti missed my peroid last month. I decide to bring clear blue digital pregnancy test a twin pack ones . i use them both they both say NOT PREGNANT. H ow realiable are these testes/ Has anyone else use them b4? Other pregnancy i have are are bumps which have inbcreasd on my nipples and feeling sick

Thnkz Guys

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I bought these test on the internet using the website AMAZON


Clear blue are over 99% accurate except if you have just miscarried it might give yoiu a false positive as the HCG stays in the body for a long time, other than that, it is the best on the market. Most recommended by Doctors and pharmacists. Sometimes if you test too early, earlier than 4 days before your period, then you can get a negative result. Wait 3 days and re test. Good luck.


Also you can visit their website, they have a lot of information and also have a customer phone line if you have any questions. Always check the expiry date, if the date is valid then the result is accurate. Re chack after 3 days and if still negative and your period has not come then talk to your Gp. All the best.

Clear blue digital is the best test to get.. Special with conception indicator.. Even if you conceived a week ago it would tell you.. So I don't think your pregnant . Thoses symptoms don't neccessarily mean your pregnant

I have had a few dogey ones from Clear blue in the past which have failed to work but I did use a conception indicator one this time and it worked but I only forked out for that after using 4 cheapy ones which were all positive your best to wait and re test in the mornings where the hormones are at there highest and if you suspect you are pregnant take good care of yourself and visit your gp for a blood test which is usually most accruate and free but good luck hun

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