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Trying to have a baby

I have one baby boy is 12 yrs now, I have an irregular period sometimes 35 days and 45 days, I tried to have a baby several times but it didn't work , my husband is coming this February 2013 and we need to try again please need your help how could I know the right date for my ovulation, I even try to test with ovulation kit and I could not get the date.

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Hi there happy new year to you. I have a eleven year age gap between my first and second daughters. I know you can get pregnant even with irregular periods. Ovulation kits are quite good but you will need to try testing early on and continue until late which means spending a lot of money and time. When your hubby comes make love as often as you can, to give yourself a lot of chances. Dont let him know that you are desperate as this puts men off. Make it exciting and fun for both of you at least every 2 days. With my third child I was not conceiving despite ovulating regularly and making love often. I went to see Zita West you can google her. She and her team are amazing. I was advised to change my diet, stop worrying and stressing and enjoy making love. Apparently stress is a big problem when the body senses stress and worry nothing happens. I also bought from her, Vitafem and Vitafem boost ( these are dietary supplements aiding fertility) and before end of the same month i visited her clinic I had conceived and now have a healthy 21 months old daughter. I recommend the supplements as they have worked for me twice but i miscarried the last baby. You can buy from the internet they are expensive but a lot is put in and they also help with detox, getting rid of toxins that build up in the body. Visit, if you are interested. Good luck and all the best.


Thank you Amirasofia71 I will take your advice, I am going to visit the web link you gave me and make a follow up, I hope it will work for me. Happy New Year too.


also you may already want to start taking folic acid. I dont know if it works as i do not have a personal experience, but I heard a lot of ladies talking about pregnacare for conception.

monitoring your body temperature continuously may also help you know your ovulation periods, normally the days you have higher than average temperature you are NOT going to conceive. This might be double checked with the ovulation kit as well.

I also heard (and tried) keeping my knees bent towards my chin while lying on my back after making love, I heard that it allows sperms to travel easy.

You may also want to check this link below to predict your fertility by checking your mucus

Good luck !


Thank you ritz21 for your advise, I have already started to take Folic acid. I will check for the link you gave me.


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