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24 weeks on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas everyone

Well my twenty weeks scan went just fine, only baby wouldn't move for the sonographer. I can't stop eating mince pies and fruit cake. As a vegetarian of over 22years it was rather odd to wake up at 3am craving battered fish, and more specifically the battered fish skin. Another of my cravings is peanut butter and Nutella on whole meal toast, and fruit. Festive ginger ale actually gives me heartburn. I'm very re assured as bumpkins kicks get stronger every week. And sometimes can't believe that this is actually happening, I'm not far untill 28 weeks where even if born prem bumpkins got a 95% chance of being a ok. At which point I will star getting ready for my little miracle. Just goes to show that there is hope out there. I had two previous misscaradges and now things are looking brighter for the future. So happy holidays, and don't give up hope xxxx :)

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Hi, i am just slightly ahead of you but only by 5 days lol. I will be 25 weeks on Thursday and due on the 11th April but booked in for a c-section on the 4 th April if baby hasn't decided to make an appearance but that is due to 2 previous sections. Hoping this time baby decides to come on its own. Did you manage to find out if you are having a by or girl? I am having a little boy but stuck on names. I have Imogen who is 7 yrs old and Archie is 2 yrs old.since having Archie i hadn't gotten rid of my heartbeat but the first 4 months it vanished but it had cone back now with everything but i can't complain has my only symptom has been feeling tired but that is slowly getting better now. All the best with your pregnancy xx


Hi glad your scan went well, my baby wouldn't move at the 12 week scan lol :), I cant stop drinking juice and smoothies :), I was 41 weeks on 25th Dec, so just waiting :), no rush though, bby will come at God's time , Happy hols to you to! Hope everything goes well! xx


Wow! Congrats on getting to the end. I would hope you'd have had some progress by now! Good luck.

R xo


Hi Thirdtimelucky,

Really pleased for you - such a big milestone to get through later scans. And getting through the 28 week milestone is a huge combination of joy and relief - you're so close now!

Take care

R x


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