Hello everyone

Hello everyone

Hi im a very happily married lady and at 33 years old I really thought I would have had children by now! After years of being on the pill avoiding becoming pregnant and told by everyone how easy it will be! Seven years later finally pregnant for the second time after a misscarriage last year.

I have Pcos which has made my journey very difficult, I lost a lot of weight, changed my eating habits then started on clomid it worked but I miscarried at 7.5 weeks after seeing the heartbeat, infact it was a missed misscarriage. I have a little op and it took me months to emotionally recover and physically.

Then this OCtober a miricale happened I fell pregnant naturally and I'm now 14 weeks pregnant, I just hope and pray to god this is for keeps.

I'm n here to help others and also hoping I will get advice back. Congratulations to all of u that are expecting and lots if baby dust to those who are ttc.

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  • Hi congratulation to you. Amy miscarriage is heartbreaking. I lost one in November at 7 plus 1 and hope to get pregnant soon. Good luck with this one and all the best wishes xxx

  • Thank you and let's of baby dust to u x

  • Congratulations! I've been through the same thing. Was put on clomid after years of trying, got pregnant but found out I'd had a missed miscarriage at 13 weeks. Struggled for a good few months to move on which was made harder by my brother announcing his partner was pregnant. I fell pregnant again in August and we are now 21 weeks and expecting a very active little boy in early may. I would always say never give up, you may go through a lot of heartache and worry on the way but it will always be worth it in the end!

  • Than you for your reply, wow how amazing I'm so pleased for u. My story is similar as my sister announced she was pregnant in may 2012 first try on ivf, I was please for her but I remember crying myself to sleep. So she is due n jan and I'm due in June, can't wait. Take care x

  • Hi congrats I have been trough the same tlike I had a clomid n no baby heart beat n then on 7dec I had a miscarriage but this put me on depression n I put a lot weight in these 2weeks I try to be positive every day but I can't I'm 35 yrs n that make me more depressed if I can't concieve again like i am pcos as well I don't know what to do doc just advice me to loose weight but I can't help my self this time any advice how I cope with my self thnx n good luck n god bless u on ur pregnancy .

  • Hi I completely understand everything u have said, after losing my first pregnancy I as so ill after the op and my depression was so bad I thought about ending my life! What helps me was I wrote a letter to my baby explaining how happy I was to have been pregnant and then how sad i was to lose the baby, I put this letter with my pregnancy tests n a special box, for me it as my first step to accepting what had happened. Then i slowly picked myself up, got a new job, joined the gym and put baby making at the very back of my mind and concentrated onnhavingva good time and getting fit. Over a year later my husband kept asking when we are ttc again I avoided it coz I was so scared, infact the week before I found out I was pregnant the fertility clinic gave me the to ahead to start clomid, I didn't want to! But I belive I fell pregnant coz I was so fit again, m not skinny at all infact I got back into a size 14. Don't give up yet, keep trying to get fit don't worry about weight I thnk it's down to how u feel inside your head. Good luck and keep in touch xx

  • What a lovely finish to an ordeal! Congratulations! Keep well and take care of yourself. It's the only time us ladies get to put our feet up! I'm getting my 20 week scan on Hogmanay, half way at the end of the year. So thankful things have gone well so far and hope everything continues to go well for you xx

  • Good luck with your scan my 20 week is 13 feb although I will be 21 weeks i thnk! Are u nervous about it, I am a bit can't wait to see the bab again x

  • hey! congratulations, hope everything will go well with you. had miscarriage july nd hv been ttc no success yet , fingers cross for positive result

  • Good luck I hope u get a positive very soon xx

  • Thank you ladies your all very sweet and I really appreciate your replies xx

  • I am nervous I suppose, mixed in with excitement! How all goes well for you x

  • Congratulations! PCOS here too, and Factor V Leiden, which caused problems too. Two years after last miscarriage (with therapy and antidepressants) I am now at 20 weeks + 3 days now. This is after discussing adoption because I was so nervous about trying again.

    Hope all goes well for you, always here to give and receive advice too :)

  • Thank you and good luck with your next scan

  • congratulations on your pregnancy, can't imagine the pain of a miscarriage and I can imagine it will never leave you or feel any easier, but at least now you get your chance to be a mummy! and you are the same gestation as me :) x

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