I'm in to my 8th week and I am exhausted, however really struggling to get a decent nights sleep, up at 4am this morning. I'm feeling very dizzy and have really bad headaches has anyone else felt like this? I've been really worried as I only found out a few days ago that I was pregnant, but it has made sense of how I've been feeling for the past few weeks. I did a test a couple about 4 weeks back which was negative, so as its the festive season I've had a few work nights out without realising I was pregnant so worried I've caused problems

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  • Just make sure you get plenty of rest, I know with my 2 I had some nights out before I realised and they are fit and healthy.

  • Since I found out I was pregnant I'm now 14 weeks I have never had a good nights sleep, nausea in early pregnancy and now nasal congestion and sore hips! Apparently a lot of pregnant women have trouble sleeping. Also I sleep on my left side now instead of my back which has taken some getting used to. I had been out clubbing two weeks prior to finding out and was very worried if I had harmed the pregnancy but the mid wife had assured me everything is fine. Congratulations

  • Thank you for your responses very reassuring, I have brought a new pillow today which is massively comfy so hopefully this will help.

    Merry Christmas

  • I sleep really badly normally which was worse during early pregnancy, I also suffered with dizziness and terrible headaches but the midwife said its likely to be the hormone changes. Try not to worry but get in to see a midwife a little early if you want to talk and get some reassurance.

  • I'm 9 weeks and also suffering from exhaustion severe headaches and dizzyness fainting and nausea.. have been told by doctor it'll pass and thre is nothing to worry about as long as managing fluids. Hope you feel better soon!

  • Thank you so much hope you're having a lovely Christmas

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