Signs of pregnancy?

I'm two days late on my period (20th) and for the past week I've had really really sore tender breasts to the point it hurts to wear a bra, my nipples keep tingling and are very slightly darker, but i have just noticed these little tiny bumps around my nipples where they are darker, can only notice them cause they are a lighter colour than the rest of my nipple. I've had slight cramping past few days, too nervous to to a test?

Any advice is welcome!!!

Thanks ladies

Chelsea xx


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9 Replies

  • Your nipples won't go darker till about 14weeks anyway.. Its only been two days.. Wait a week then test or if you really think you are go get a test x

  • As your late you should be able to test now with a accurate result. Just go for it, at least then you'll know and can go from there. Also no one is text book. Pregnancy related symptoms can happen earlier or later for individuals. Good luck. Hope you get the result you want x

  • If you want to test now, I recommend clear blue digital. It is very good and according to research the best on the market. 99% effective.Test for a peace of mind. Good luck.

  • Thank you!!! I did a test this morning and it was positive but a very faint like so going to wait a few days and test again with a digital one just to make sure! Thank you!!!

    Chels xxxx

  • Congratulations, good luck with everything! xx

  • Thank you :) xxx

  • I thought it might come up positive :) congratulations!!! X

  • Congratulations, a faint line is still positive! Good luck xx

  • Thank you, I'm a little anxious though I suffered with PND after my daughter and I'm scared it will happen again. She's only 17 months old so only just back on the mend really. Xxx

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