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Moving from London to Bath 16 weeks pregnant


I live in London now, but will be moving to Bath (husband's job) at about 24-30 weeks of pregnancy..I feel a bit lost as know & love London but know nothing about Bath. I guess it will be stressful enough to move houses, getting to know the neighbourhood, meet new people, and have my first baby...

My question is; is the Bath hospital good for giving birth? are there many antenatal classes to attend?


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Can't help on hospital front as I'm in bristol. (first baby 12 weeks) but I was in bath for uni and it is a beautiful city I'm sure you will love it and bristol is on your doorstep (ish). Sorry can't be of hospital help but all the best and enjoy bath!


hi, i moved to a small village just outside bath last month likewise due to partners job, we lived in cambridge before so it was a big change but we love it. Im currently 14+3 weeks and had my first appointment for 13 week scan at the royal hospital bath last week,the midwifeand other staff were lovely. i have got another app in jan for 20 week scan, ive yet to meet any other mums to be mainly i think just because of the time of year although ive found out the village im in does pregnancy yoga classes and there is a mums group i will join in the new year. My midwife gave us information on antenatal classes but they were not held at the hospital rather a local centre. Bath its self is really nice im sure you will enjoy it. My midwife and GP were full of praise for the maternity ward so i myself have no worries. I understand what a stressful time it is but i hope all goes well, to me the stress at the time was all worth it for now i couldnt be happier. Lots of luck and merry christmas


Thanks girls! this is really nice & helpful. I am looking forward to the change but scared as it's all gonna be so new..I am sure I'll be fine:) happy Christmas!


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