14 weeks pregnant and work christmas party on friday, whats everyones thoughts on having a small glass of bucks fizz ? not touched a drop of

alcohol since finding out at 5 weeks pregnant. although midwife recommended a small stout or guiness once a week as my blood tests revealed anaemia ive not even dared do that. its that time of year when everything scrummy is off limits :)


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26 Replies

  • Go for it and dont feel bad it wont do any harm.

  • Don't due it I'd say but it's up to you obviously! Having even one drink is rather like a game of Russian Roulette in terms of FAS (foetal alcohol syndrome) ... hardly worth it for one vino :)

  • One glass wont do any harm, you've been so good. You deserve a little treat. I am 33 weeks, I couldn't even look at a drink for the first few months. Now I have the odd glass of wine if I fancy it (only one). Check the NHS website, I think they say one or two units a week is fine. I plan to have a nice glass of champers on Christmas day and enjoy it. Enjoy your Christmas party, nine months is a long time. X

  • thank you, i feel less guilty now, i might be a rebel and have half a glass! the article on nhs website was really useful. Ive just worried about everything since finding out. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and have a very happy christmas x

  • It's not worth it ! No 1 can say what a safe amount is for you and baby, what's fine for 1 may not be 4 another!

    I found out I was pregnant with my 3 yo while tipsy , I felt so guilty didn't touch a drop from then on. I'm 5 weeks with no 2 and had been out drinking 2 days b4 I found out ( I did do a test previous to going out as I thought I may be pregnant but was a week b4 due period so that was - I also feel a bit guilty but had tried to prevent it )

    Would you drink in public if you were very obviously pregnant ? How would you feel about seeing someone doing it ?

    I'm not saying anything bad will happen and ultimately its your choice but if some thing did , you would always be asking yourself if that 1drink had an effect ?

    My mum drank and smoked with all 3 of us after miscarrying her 1st pregnancy and we are all fine but this is 30 + years ago, they know so much now and recommend no alcohol ! Will u really miss that 1 bucks fizz?

  • Not being funy but jds1, you are being very dictatory with your answer. If the NHS safely recommend no more than a small glass per week, you don't really have the right to make someone ffeel like they are being irresponsible for having one glass. Sounds like Chelseabun is doing everything in her power to take care of her unborn child - one drink is NOT goin to result in her baby having defects. I think you need to stop scaremongering and be realistic. You are not the oracle on pregnancy.

  • I never said I am, it's my opinion! The most recent guidelines are " you should not drink at all! The exact safe amount of alcohol that is safe during pregnancy is not known " that is directly off a print out the doc gave me yesterday!

    I have been in the presence of drunk pregnant people that are friends! I don't agree but at the end of the day it's there choice!

    The way I c it is at an early stage alcohol can interfere with the development stage and later on its a baby, No 1 would give a new born alcohol in any amount so why subject an born 1 to it? Anything you put in your body goes to baby and it takes them twice as long to process alcohol than u, it's also in the amniotic fluid.

    A small glass bucks fizz of probably won't do any harm but at the same time is it really gona be missed?

    Chelsea bun didn't comment! She asked a question, I give my opinion, base on factual information.

  • go for it one glass Will not do you any harm I'm pregnant with my fourth and had occasional glass of wine or guiness with all my other three no prob's with them! You still have to live your life, go out enjoy your xmas party and glass of bucks fizz!

  • CHEERS!! thank you, who knew pregnancy would be such a worry. Im going to treat myself to half a glass and maybe the other half on christmas day. its going to be bad enough watching everyone else tuck into the lovely cheeses im craving! good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and happy christmas x

  • Have a look at this nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy... its a bit I was reading on the NHS direct website as I wasn't sure if I would have just one glass on wine with my dinner on christmas day I was reading this artical its on both drink and drugs in pregnancy but the first part is got what is safe to drink hope this helps.

  • thank you, the article was very helpful. i dont think one little glass over christmas will do any harm at all x happy christmas

  • Once people are sensible,I am sure there is no need to worry. I was at my sisters wedding when I was 26 weeks, there was six other pregnant women there! I had a sip of champagne for the toast and a glass of wine with the meal. I had about ten comments from people I didn't even know andlots of dirty looks. None of the other pregnant women had a drink. I felt like screaming. I am not stupid, people should keep their unwanted comments to themselves. Sorry to rant, have a very happy Christmas x

  • Hi, I would just like to say sorry directly to u if my opinion has caused offense as it has to some others, it's just my opinion based on factual information! I do believe the 2nd trimester is the ' safest ' time to drink in moderation if you choose to do so.

    1 glass is probably not gona have any effect, but I personally wouldn't bother.

  • jds123, i feel you have had a bit of hard press on here and dont feel you should have had to apologise to anyone for having your own opinion on the matter. Chelseabun asked a question which should mean that she is willing to receive feedback from all view points not just those who tell her she should go for it!!! Your point was very valid and informed and one which I am inclined to agree with. You obviously think first and foremost about your growing child instead of your own selfish desires because lets face it what is the point of an alcoholic drink if you do not have enough of it to produce the effects of alcohol? Would you not just be better (and safer) having an alcohol free alternative?

    Everyone has a choice and everyone is entitled to their opinion, my opinion is that your child should be 18 before they enjoy their first experience of alcohol. Hope you all have a Happy New Year with or without alcohol.

  • Thank you, was feeling like the odd 1 out. this is for people to ask questions and voice there concerns there are so many worries when pregnant, I feel why should you add any more.

    And I also limit my caffeine intake, try to eat healthy, exercise as I don't have a car I walk everywhere, and don't and never have smoked for the people questioning my views on no alcohol , I don't think it's a big ask to protect u and baby for 9 months ( 8 really as normaly 1 month when giving things up )

  • No the odd one out at all although we maybe are in the minority. Take care, hope 2013 is a good year for you all.

  • Enjoy the party! I am 20 weeks now. I had a glass of wine at the weekend with a special meal out, and I think the waiter was surprised but polite. No dirty looks or comments, and a lovely evening with my husband. I will have another glass or two (one per party!) over Christmas, and will not feel too guilty, the NHS advice seems sensible.

    Have a lovely Christmas x

  • thank you, i will join you in a small glass over christmas! one little treat every now and then wont hurt im sure. Happy christmas x

  • Hello .

    We go out once a week for dinner with all the family . When I first found out I was expecting I avoided having a glass of wine , I actually went off my favourite tipple for weeks . But now I can face it , and after reading the alcohol section on the NHS website , I do enjoy the occasional glass following their guidelines . I am now 22 weeks and 6 days :) . I just sip it slowly and enjoy it , I don't have a drink every week . I am always mindful of when I last had a drink , so as not to exceed the units . You have been more than looking after yourself and your little one . So enjoy :) . I myself am looking forward to the day I can wolf down a rare steak , runny eggs , and say yes to a second glass , second to meeting our little bundle of boy :) . X

  • I shall be joining you in a tipple over the xmas period. There is a huge difference in getting drunk and having A drink. I went on a girlie holiday when i was 15 weeks and had one drink when we went for a birthday meal. Im now 23 weeks and will have one on xmas day. When i was pregnant with my first baby (before i knew) i had got engaged and went out and consumed lots of alcohol. Obviously when i found out i didnt drink, not like that anyway. I think you just need to be sensible. Having one drink on special occasions does not make you a bad or irresposibly person. Have a lovely christmas! X

  • Hello

    I will be joining chelseabun and on Christmas morning with my family I will have a small glass of Bucks Fizz with our Christmas breakfast (we have the big meal the night before so breakfast is our biggest meal on the day).

    I will most likely have 1/2 glass and top it up with lemonade. Beside this small amount not a single drop will cross my lips, as it hasnt for over a year (only 24 but me and partner are not drinkers). I am about 6 weeks and I have no worries about this small amount and neither sould you.

    It took only one month of trying for me to become pregnant so I feel this fact due to my age and my super womb my baby will be fine. I think their is alot on information out their that has scared the living daylights out of us both and at the end of the day I have changed my diet so im getting 5 a day, I have never smoked, done drugs and barely drink. So I will be have this drink and in 18 years time when my baby goes away uni or to explore the world I will look back and think/be proad I did everything I could to care for this child.

    So go and have one glass and dont feel bad about it, we have all got to put up with different views on pregnancy and it is only yours that matters.

    Hope all the ladies on here have a super Christmas and I look forward to talking to you in the coming months.

  • have a lovely christmas, im going to enjoy my little glass of diluted buks fizz with no guilt now. Like you my partner and i have never been massive drinkers but its christmas and ive been so good with everything since finding out we were with "bean". wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy x

  • Pregnancy is personal, but the available evidence shows that one or two drinks a week is safe (so up to 4 units per week). Some extensive research was published earlier this year in the main uk obs and gynae journal. Frankly all you can do is look at the evidence and decide what is right for you. I didn't drink at all in my first pregnancy, but in this one with two active small boys and a full-time job a small glass of wine with a meal once or twice a week helps me relax, and I reckon that's good for me! Generally I wish we were less judgmental of other women's choices - whether it's how you behave in pregnancy, how you give birth, how you feed your newborn. If you have a glass of fizz tonight enjoy it!

  • There are so many women out there that say 'don't drink when pregnant', I presume all these women never drink caffeine when pregnant, eat nothing but healthy food, excercise regularly throughout, don't smoke and everything else we are expected to do? People are so quick to judge, and years ago people smoked and drank throughout pregnancy and miraculously had babies who were fine. I understand research has changed and we are now more aware of the risk, but asking if you would feel guilty if you had one drink and something happened to your baby, in my opinion is just plain mean. There are numerous reasons that babies are born with abnormalities, and drinking is always the first to be blamed. I know someone who's baby was born with abnormalities and never drank a drop; its just pure fate. Driving in the rain increases the risk of having a car accident; therefore am i putting myself and my baby at risk if i drive in the rain??? If nothing else, enjoy that glass of bucks fizz just to escape the insanity of under educated individuals opinions; if we listened to every piece of evidence or advice in pregnancy we would never leave the house!! Have a great xmas x

  • In France they drink wine, eat pâté and shellfish pregnant or not- I doubt they have a huge amount of babies born with FAS?! One drink won't do any harm! X

  • as much as ppl are saying one glass isn't worth it, you are also saying ' no one knows the safe amount' meaning that could be a little or large amount! having one small glass could cause harm but also look at ppl who go through pregnancy binge drinking and their babies are born completely healthy,

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