Positive pregnancy test now bleeding

I went back on the pill in October after a break. I went to the Doctors as needed more pills and I told her that during my second month of taking the pill I had spotting. The doctor asked me to take a pregnancy test in the morning just to rule being preganant out. I did a clear blue test and it came out positive 2-3weeks. A day after my normal period would have started I came on my period, it isn't heavier than normal or got blood clots neither am I experiencing any pains. I went back to the doctors and she said i can't do a test until next week as the hormone will still show up if I had an early miscarriage or I cant get a scan as nothing that early would show up. We are so confused. Has anyone experienced anything like this before and gone onto be be pregnant or is it signs of a chemical pregnancy??


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  • the pill wouldnt give a positive pregnancy test :)

    i had bleeding with my pregnancy until i was about 10 weeks, :) just wait and do another test, i was worried and ended up doing a test a week for the 1st 3 weeks hehe:)

  • Thanks for your message. It makes you feel helpless and you go to the doctors wanting them to give you a magical answer but they dont. It defo is just a waiting game. Just want to know now.

  • Done another test today and it is saying pregnant 2-3 weeks which is what it said last Wednesday. I have booked an appointment with the midwife as I am going to request an early dating scan after 6 weeks. I am still in denial a little and dont beleive it as I bleed so much but as I said it was just like a normal period.

  • Hi, Just be careful I had this with my first (who was a surprise because like you I was on the pill) I bled (normal period) and then took a test (still showed positive) so I thought I was still pregnant so didnt bother using contraception (as is normal when your pregnant!) anyway I wasnt until that following month and ended up conceiving when I thought I was already pregnant! You can go to the doctor who wil give you a blood test to check your hormone levels, or do a clear blue test and see if it progresses to the 3-4 weeks because then you know your hormone levels are increasing.

    Hope this helps and doesnt confuse you, good luck

  • Thanks juliewith2 that is exactly what I thought. The test that I did this morning surely would have gone to 3+ this week as the time I had the spotting when I was taking the pill was over 3 weeks ago now. I keep on telling my husband that it cant be a true reading but he is not convinced. Spent a fortune on tests but am going to do another one a week today as it should have defo gone up by then and we will know for sure then. Will let you know how I get on.

  • Good luck, its so hard not knowing, at least you will be busy with Christmas to take your mind off it.

  • How di you get on with the test? Has the bleeding stopped? I am due on my period on wednesday but I've got a clear blue test which I will do tomoz morning, fingers crossed.

  • Bleeding lasted about 4 days. I am due on this Friday. Been and bought a clear blue test today and gonna do it first thing on Friday morn, abit nervous as want it to say 3+ but I dont think it will. I would be 8 weeks on Sunday if that wasn't an early miscarriage. I spoke to the midwife in between Christmas & new year and she told me to do another test this fri as the hormone would have hopefully gone out the system and I will have a better reading. I asked for an early scan and she said they wouldn't do one because I wasn't activley bleeding then so had to wait 4 weeks till I can do another test.

    Good luck with your test let me know how you get on.

  • Test was negative which i had half guessed, going to try an ovulation kit (this next month) i think but they are quite dear dont think my fiance would be too pleased. Good luck for friday let me know how you get on

  • Gutted for you. I have been going on the internet for Ovulation dates, did you know they do a calender of when you are most likely to be most fertile, I know those test are really expensive aren;t they but most be accurate.

  • Yes have tried the online calender loads but had no luck, just ordered some clear blue ovulation kit for £15 not too bad.

  • Just called the docs for the results and they said everything has come back normal and no further checks are needed. They said if I still hadn't come on by the 6months mark to get back in touch.

    I have rang back and asked if I need a smear or anything (sorry for tmi) but they said I am not due one till dec 2014. I am well clutching at straws now, something is going on, I know it might seem silly or nothing to them but it isn't to me.

    Rang back and got an appointment for Monday afternoon to chat with another doctor who deals with womans health more than the others so will chat to her.

  • hi am having something like this. as have done test come up postive but there been really faint did a test yesterday and was clear as day.. woke up this morning with a little sharpe pain now am loosing blood.. but before i had my son i had 2 misscarges thenfel pregnant anf give birth to a little boy 6 week early. x

  • I had a bleed a when I was due on my period I was 6 weeks and I still get spotting every now and again. I fell pregnant when I was on medication that has contraceptive in it. You have to remember that the pill makes you bleed. I could just be a withdrawal bleed

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