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Am I pregnant?

My partner and I have been trying for a baby recently. I came off the pill early October. Over the last five weeks I have had pains in my lower and higher abdomen, sore breasts, putting on weight, bloating but when I've taken a pregnancy test, they are always negative. I actually felt like something was expanding in my abdomen, like it was stretching a week before my period started. Trying to get an appointment with the doctor, which is proving to be a nightmare due to the time of year, and just want to know if this could be signs that I'm pregnant. My last period was 2 weeks ago, but it was much shorter than usual and I've read that sometimes you can still bleed in early pregnancy. Does anyone have any information or know if this could be a sign of pregnancy? Thanks

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I would wait until your period is due next time and do another test and maybe get a clear blue digital one if you can as they are pretty sensitive. If you came off the Pill in October then your body may be just adjusting to being off the pill. It is just a waiting game. I had early pregnancy bleeding with both of mine but it was just spotting light bleeding for a day or so not a full on period. Try not to get to stress out about it.


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