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Am I Pregnant

I am on the pill. My last bleed was on Saturday 9th December which was day 7 of my pill free week. The bleed lasted a few days. I had sex on the 14th December but also used a condom. I had a virus so not sure if the pill was 100% effective so aired on the side of caution. I have two children so I know the signs. I am super tired, smells make me feel sick and have tender breasts. Could I really be pregnant again??????

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Do you normally bleed for a few days when having your period?

Was the bleed that you had on the 9th December really light, like implantation bleeding?


My period was quite light and the length seems to vary. The symptoms are really noticeable and a few people have now commented. I suppose I could have conceived last month. I never really thought about that. I guess the only way to find out is do a test. I was thinking that I may have conceived last week that's why I am confused be the signs because surely they cannot start that quickly?



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