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20 week scan...and gender reveal!

Me and my partner are soo happy!! :)

We have have been to our 20 week scan this morning and everything is fine! Everything was seen as normal and she even looked at the pallette of the mouth and all is well there too, we we soo please i even cried!

Baby has moved since our last scan and whilst the scan was in process we saw our bambino sucking their thumb and turning around everywhere, it was so spectacular seeing our little baby on the screen.

and finally the question i have been waiting for... blue team or pink team?

Well my mum was right, we are having a boy and are measuring on time and scale. Got to tell everyonr tonight so lets see how they will react! :D

Ciao for now.

Leanne xxx

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Congratulations to you and your partner x:)


Congratulations, that's great news! Your feeling was right, then... All the best for the three of you! :)


Aww congratulations wonderful news! I'm feeling your joy:-) yay!

A x


Congratulations i am currently 23+4 and also having a little boy but have no idea on any names yet. I had a girls name picked Taylah-Jae but have no idea for a boy. I also have no a girl and boy, Imogen who is 7 yrs and Archie who is 2 yrs. Have you thought of any names yet? Good luck x


congratulations! counting the days till our 20 week scan on the 31st jan cant wait to find out if its a pink one or a blue one. its so exciting x


Congratulations! I had my scan 2 weeks ago and found out I'm also joining Team Blue! I managed to hold it together in the scan room but as soon as we got outside we both cried :o)

The scans are truly amazing, and it's awesome to see a proper little person.

I wish you all the best xxxx


Congratulations. We had are 20 week scan last week there just amazing never got to find out the gender tho little one decided to keep us guessing with legs tightly crossed but we've got a 4d scan on january 19th hoping we can find out then as we're not keen on cream. All the best with you little one :) x


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