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Think I'm just being paranoid!

Asked a question about my early pregnancy signs fading and kind of think I'm just freaking myself out,

My symptoms are mild and much less than they were with my 3 yo ( shouldn't complain really I'm sure it will come back to bite me on the bum ) and a bit more up and down, boobs not really sore yesterday but we're more so last night now not much again! thinking about it conception indicator was a week ahead with 1st 1 than now so symptoms will probably kick in harder and been doing dip test 1s ( just cos I had them have ha) and they have been getting stronger in colour, 1st 2 days( tue / wed) if you just glanced it would look negative now coming same colour as control strip now so taking that as a good sign :)

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Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy, I was the same I found out. Pretty much straight after conception, had a early scan at 5 weeks 4 days nothing but a sac! So I thought just book an appointment for December when I should be 11 weeks coming twelve I. Had a very mild dose of nausea hardly noticeable, boobs sensitive up to 8 weeks, only thing I really noticed was eating habits changed dramatically I became very fussy! I'm 12 weeks now and I've had no symptoms since 8 weeks I thought I was making the whole thing up until I had my scan last week and baby was seen moving I could see hands feet and nasal bone :-) they do say mild doses means boys :-) and I have already one of each pretty much the same for the boy but ,y girl had really bad morning sickness! Don't jinx yourself :-) enjoy your pregnancyxx


Thank you, so all 3 of your pregnancys were different? U thinking this 1 is a boy as it most similar ?

My 3 yo is a boy! I never really suffered early pregnancy symptoms with him but what I did have were stronger than what I'm getting now. I did a test as I felt in in my boobs with him , what nausea I did get kicked in later, where now I had very slight nausea a few weeks ago, now not nauseous as such just dont have an appetite and not feeling hungry ( this is very unlikely me ) what I do eat I'm only picking at and not eating much ( I'm a bit overweight so can afford to loose a few pounds have ha ) my boobs don't generally feel sore, just when I push them they are ever so slightly.

I was driving myself crazy so made my boyfriend go and get another clear blue and did it yesterday come back 2-3 weeks , where tue it said 1-2 so my hcg must have increased! The pregnant! Come up super fast 2.

Think iv realized this 1 just different, just cos its not the same doesn't mean it's not healthy and to get a + test so early is a good thing too.

Think I'm gona go docs today to get booked in with midwife as I will b 8 weeks new year and thinking if I don't get booked in now it will delay my appointments .


congratulations I was the same as you was worried and scared that something was up when I had lack of the symptoms i kept buying tests and 3 were clearb;ue digital and they kept coming back pregnant but i still wasn't convinced as the symptoms were very faint as with my first baby i had morning sickness tender breasts I then made an appointment at my gps surgery as my partner said I could be worrying for nothing my gp confirmed the pregnancy by doing another urine test right in front of me it came up with the same results as all the home pregnancy test she sent me for a hcg blood test as this dectects the pregnancy hormone level i got the results back within 2 days and they confirmed what the tests already had but i was still concerned as like yourself i was worried and concerned so they sent me for a early scan which was done internaly and on the screen there was a sac and a very tiny dark spot within it then the following day the symptoms of pregnancy hit me bad i had very itchy breasts, very bad morning sickness I am now 19 weeks pregnant and my breasts have just settled down now i have my 20 weeks scan on the 28th december as I should of had it on christmas day. I agree with allyemo1985 not to jinx yourself and relax I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy x


Wow that's very reassuring.

Was gona c if my doc will check my hcg level and iron level as it has been previously been low when I wasn't pregnant.

As I said I'm sure my lack of symptoms and me worrying about it will come back to bite me on the bum

Thank you so so much.


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