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What pregnancy signs I did have seem to be fading! Very worried


I found out tue i was pregnant 3-4 weeks going off conception indicated on clear blue ,

This is my 2nd pregnancy, lo now 3 - I knew I was pregnant as I felt it in my breasts,

got a 4-5 weeks pregnant 5 days before officially missed period had only slight nausea which worsened when traveling for the 1st few weeks but rarely was sick , pregnancy went fine, just usual uncomfortableness.

With this 1 also did test officially 5 days early and come up 3-4 weeks, iv had slight nausea since thur before I did a test , no real breast tenderness as I had with 1st, then noticed tue i started to feel it when out in the cold, then gradually increased up to thur just gone but nothing like last time, then yesterday hardly sore and today not really feeling anything in the breasts department at all !

My periods are usually less than 28 days but not consistently reg , when I say 5 days early that's going off a 28 day cycle , but more than likely would have missed my usual period at that time.

Also 1st time had period like cramps but not feeling anything this time.

As my symptoms arnt the same and the test result not as strong, I'm worried its a sign the pregnancy hasn't took as it did with my son and won't continue :( which would deverstate me.

Anybody in a similar position with a nice story to reassure me? I know they say every pregnancy / child is different but I can't help but worry.

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Hey Hon, dont worry hang on there. Its my first pregnancy and I have no major nausea - I have a lot of mood swings and my nausea is only kicking in now at the 9th week - which also goes away the moment i wear my sea-bands. just a bad taste in mouth, little sore nipples (not the boobs as such) and cramps and tender stretching inside my stomach - which is mild too - but i guess that is the placenta forming.

It can happen with lot of us - a lot of my aunts dint have any sickness at all and were happy through out the pregnancy. I hope you and I are just one of those lucky women.

I am so scared of puking and needles (have always been since childhood) - glad that my aversion/fear of puking is probably overcoming a part of my nausea and not letting it worsen up (rest is ofcourse handled by cardamom flavored milk and sea-bands ).

Wondering how I am gonna tolerate needles and injections (I always end up crying even for compulsory blood tests! I hope doctor/mid-wife has some nice butterfly needles to keep my mind occupied :P)

If your pregnancy test showed positive (even with faded lines) you have it in you. Think good, try to feel happy and maybe start bonding already :D




Thank 4 the reply, I think I'm just being paranoid! Check out my other question,

at this stage with my 1st my boobs killed! But no nausea at all, that kicked in later but didn't really suffer , seem to be reversed this time early light nausea and not really noticeable tender boobs although if I push them up and let go I can feel it ha ha . By last night they were more sore ( probably cost I didn't leave them alone ) just keep thinking just cos iv done it b4 doesn't mean it will b the same, no pregnancy / child is txt book, maybe some people had really similar symptoms and others nothing alike .

My result is only getting stronger so my hcg must be increasing! So taking that as a good sign.

Been trying for nearly 2 years ( tried 9 mts 1st time ) and also just been made redundant, I will qualify for maternity Allowance as it stands so all needs to work out 4 us.

With all 3 of my pregnancies I never actually felt pregnant properly until after abut 12/14 weeks. I've never had sickness, and I don't notice many body changes until after the first trimester. I'm overweight, which doesn't help lol.

I feel some "sensations" at about 8 weeks, little funny flutters, for about a week or so, then nothing more until real movements start about 16 weeks. The only sign that anything is going on for me is the sharp pains I get when I cough or sneeze, from the ligaments around my bikini line. It was those pains that told me I was pregnant even though I kept getting negative tests until 8 days after my period was due.

Good Luck and best wishes.x

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Thank you, I was worried cos my symptoms were more obvious with my son ago this stage, I had a positive test 5 days early saying 1- 2 weeks which I think is a strong result, making me 3-4 on tue.

I have worried myself silly for the last 24 hrs so made my boyfriend go and get another clear blue and did it today being my official missed period and it's gone to 2-3 weeks making me 4-5 weeks and meaning my hcg level must have increased so just putting the very light symptoms I have as just being different this time round.

What will be will be and just got to hope all is well and we will get a healthy little baby in summer :)

Hi i know from your previous questions how worried you are. If your still concerned go see a gp and ask them if they can give you the hcg blood test.just to put your mind at ease.I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope you have a healthy summer baby x

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I asked this 1st then my rational thoughts come back ha ha. Booked in with doc tomorrow I will voice my concerns and hopefully get him to do the blood test.

You have really put my mind at rest with your reply, to have symptoms with 1st and not 2nd is worrying as from your reply I'm sure you know but is very reassuring you were the same .

Obviously going through it once you think you know what to expect but as they say no 2 pregnancys / child/ women are the same so y expect it?

I can rationally answer others questions, just have to apply the same logic to myself ha ha

You are lovely, thank you.

With my other two pregnancies i had bad sickness heartbeat etc until at least 6-7 months currently 23+4 with baby number 3 and i was the same has you, had slight symptoms that had just vanished over night and i thought the worse but a friend said your body is just use to it but i have friends who never had any symptoms all the way through multiple pregnancies. Has you for the.pregnancy test. It took me until i was 7 weeks with this pregnancy to get a strong positive line, i thought it was just dodgy tests lol. Best of luck x

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Thank you, it's nice to hear about others that have good out comes !

Stupidly I googled it ! Scary stories !

I only got into computers when my son was about 1 so now I'm searching all pregnancy stuff, mostly fun but also bad things to find on there, just gona ignore them bits now.

Thanks again, very reassuring.

Hi I knw this thread was 3yrs ago but I'm going through the same. I'm 4.5 wks preg, was slightly sick in the beginning but now nothin, no sore boobs or sickness maybe just a little more tired than usual. Ive been preg twice before and had strong symptoms with both, 2nd was a mc though so symptoms faded. This time worried I'm miss carrying again. I've had minor cramps but no blood. Sorry to ask but did you ever get symptoms and did you go full term? Thanks :)

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Hi Lauren! I hope you get to check this as you posted a year ago. Was everything okay? My symptoms faded last time and I misscarried. My breast don't feel as sore today and I don't really feel pregnant but symptoms were strong till today. Feeling scared and paranoid

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