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Flu jab and Whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy

Hello all,

Hope all is well with everyone.

Firstly i would like to apology i know everyone is busy with Xmas preparations at the mo .If someone will find a while to reply to my email i will be more than happy !

I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby.

I have seen my GP recently because all week i was poorly and i have cold . Doctor gave my antibiotic – Amoxicillin ( not sure if i should take that but have read million posts and it shouldn’t have bad effect on the baby )

Doctor told me that i should get flu jab as well . I thought i will ask you ladies if anyone have had this flu vaccination while pregnant ?? if yes woul you recommend to get one ? Is this safe ?

Secondly doctor mention also Whooping cough vaccination – Is this recommended to every pregnant women ? I am concerned as my midwife hasn’t mentioned anything about this vaccination so far .... I have read this should be given to all pregnant women between 28-32 weeks.

I will have mine anti D injection in 28 wks but wasn’t aware about another one ? Blimey don’t like this already .....

Thank you very much for your help in advance .

Have a fantastic Christmas !


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Hiya. I am 22 weeks pregnant, i had the flu jab at 19 weeks with no side effects accept from a slightly sore arm for the next few hours. Nothing else though. I would recommend it personally. Flu is bad enough when your not pregnant i would hate to catch it now. With the whooping cough jab they have recently introduced this as babies were gettin whooping cough before there jabs (i think its normally when there 6 weeks old) i cant really remember. But unfortuately some babies died from this. So they are injecting the mummy so baby has some protection when born. I am also going to have this. I dont believe any of these injections causes harm to baby and im just doing everything i can to protect my baby. But this is personal choice. I think all you can do is just get the information from the doctors (leaflets etc) and make your descision from there. Dont google it, any prat can write false or mis leading information on the net. Congratulations! Hope ive helped a little and all the best :) x


hi , thank you yes you have helped me a lot ! Have spoken to my doctor and she has recommended both vaccinations and will confirm this with my midwife asap . Thank you :)


Aw im glad you feel better about making a decision on the jabs. Your very welcome :) remember were all on here to support you when you need reassurance or advice. No matter what time of year ;) all the best for the rest of your pregnancy, half way through now! :) xx


You should definite get both. I recently wrote a blog about this, and am a big supporter.



Thank you so much . I am confused I have asked my work colleague what they think and all said that i should not take any medication/ vaccination while pregnat ( just in case ) I am so cofused :( and scared now ...oh dear me x



i had the flu jab and whooping cough during pregnancy, my GP did one in each arm bit sore for day but all ok after that, baby now here and she is totally fine

good luck with the pregancy xx


Hi, Kasik.

Like you, I was very concerned about all the recommended jabs, so I did a lot of research.

Flu jab -- There are seven preparations of the flu vaccine approved for use in the UK. Of these, four use a mercury-based preservative (thiomersal). I felt better using one of the three without the mercury-based preservative. Here is the World Health Organization information about thiomersal:

Whooping Cough -- A family friend happens to be a pediatric infectious disease clinician who specialises in pertussis (whooping cough), and his advice was to get the vaccine. I was inclined to agree: I have had whooping cough as an adult, and it's absolutely terrible! I cannot imagine a small baby suffering with the horrible symptoms.

I guess my bottom line advice is to trust your own judgment, do your own research, and listen to the advice from your GP -- and stop listening to your co-workers! ;)


Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you ! yes i think you are absolutely right ! I have done lots n lots readings yesterday about that i have decided to take Whooping Cough one and because i will have to get Anti D as well now have to re think flu jab. I am not a big fan of those loooong needles .

Thank you again and have a fantastic Christmas ( mine will be more relaxed now as was so stressed about those vaccinations ) xxx


Just to give you further reassurance, I had the whooping cough jab at 36 weeks on the advice of gp, midwives and obst, just after the story broke about the spread of whooping cough. My little girl is now 8 weeks old and thriving. The only side effect was a sore arm for a couple of days after the jab - the injection itself didn't hurt at all and I hate needles!


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