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So excited!!!!!

Hello all,

I'm exactly 15 weeks today and am starting get really excited, even though i've got ages to go I really am starting to feel properly pregnant now and can't wait for my 20 wk scan!

I'm also really starting to think about buying things and constantly looking on baby websites at stuff, I've bought a baby swing and some baby gro's already, I just don't know where to start, there's so much stuff!

To all you ladies suffering from really bad morning sickness, don't worry, you will start to feel better soon.. I had it for 8 weeks but once you start to feel better you will feel really better, i've got so much energy and feel great!

Not much of a bump yet though, i'm hoping it starts showing soon!

Hope you are all well, is anyone else due in June?


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I am glad you are feeling well, and excited. I am aswell go for my 20 week scan on Monday, we are also finding out what we are having too! :)

So big excitement and another great early christmas present for us next week! :D

I am not due in June but i am due 27th April - 6th May but my EDD 06/05/13. So really really excited! :)

Trust me when you feeling them moving and when they get the hiccups occasionally it will feel amazing and so reassuring! My sickness has come back with a vengance along with heartburn and now starting last night legs cramps that wake you. But i am not bothered at all at least i now my little bambino is getting everything they need! :)

I am so happy for you, do you know the date of your 20 week scan? How was it seeing your little baby on your 12 week scan? They grow alot, don't they!

Have fun with the pregnancy and good luck and keep us informed! :D

Leanne xxx


Really nice to hear a genuine excited bunny! Congratulations:-)

I'm exactally 18 weeks today! Feeling good but never had any morning sickness!!

Have a nice bump now which is great. Have 20 week scan 4th jan

Edd 16.5.13

Keep happy

A x


Hi hun! glad you are ok! im due end of May! :) 17 weeks tomorrow :) defo got a bump and starting to feel little pod regularly now! feels like someone tapping me from the inside. Keep thinking about buying things although going to wait until just after Xmas! have my 20 week scan 4th Jan so I get to find out if its a little girl or boy!!!! how exciting!

So glad we are both over the morning sickness as its so horrid!



Hey there..Im glad you are ok..Im having a June baby :) and I am very excited too..Im very petitie so I already have a little bump along with huge boobs and a growing arse lol..I have not suffered from a vomitting during my pregnancy but have been suffering from heart burn but I usually get it at night and feel very tired.

Anyway it is lovely to get feed back from my other pregnant sisters. I hope all of your pregnancy is going well :)


Amber xxxxxxx


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