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Wow after nearly 2 years trying just got a + test ! After being told fri I'm being made redundant . I very happy but also so scared

After taking 9 months to get pregnant with my now 3y old, I decided I wasn't going to use contraceptive that affected hormones and opted for a coil thinking this would give be the best chance of conceiving when I decided the time was right. Nearly 2 years ago i had it removed and after a year of trying, nothing!

Had charted my periods as I always have and realized they were not regular and coming as little as 17days apart ! Went to the doctor with this info, she told me I wouldn't be ovulating With cycles so short, did hormone test and she said they looked fine and all she could do for me was put me on the pill to hopefully regulate me and kickstart ovulation!

I was very unhappy but thought I had no other option so in March I started the pill & took it for 3 months (should have been 6) after a bit of research tried the herbal route which did seem to regulate and wasn't contraceptive ! did this for 4-5 months and slowly my cycles were getting shorter again so thought they were loosing there effectiveness!

A few weeks ago I had decided I would not take anything and c how I got on! Then back to docs new year! I was told a few weeks ago my shop ( a major high street retailer in a major shopping centre I have worked in for nearly 10 years ) was closing that they were looking at placing us in alternate places.

so after months of ov test and plenty of sex especially at that time , I decided as my job situation was uncertain I would not actively ttc but as nothing has happened in nearly to years not prevent it either.

Was told fri no suitable alternative was available and I will b made redundant in Jan!

I have been nauseous for nearly a week and thought it could b due to stressful situation at work but also had an inclin I could b pregnant so have done a test today and it was so faint it was badly there so went and got a clear blue and come up pregnant! When I actually checked I'm 2 days late going off a 28 day cycle which is not likely for me. I had mistakenly thought I was due next sun but was actually last!

I am so happy to b pregnant :) after nearly 2 years trying was about to give up doing it to myself, then I loose my job and it happens!

I don't know where to start or who can help me regarding money and jobs .

Any advice ladies ? I have a mortgage and my boyfriend doesn't live with me.

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Congratulations! I was in a similar position, my company put all of us under consultancy a month ago. I am now 15 weeks and will find out this week, if I still have a job next year... and belly starts showing. I haven't told them, obviously.

You are only entitled the Statutory Maternity Pay if you are still in employement in week 15 before the due date, which I doubt that would be valid for you. This link explains it a bit further:

If you are not entitled to SMP you can claim Maternity Allowance. If you qualify for MA you will receive £135.45 / week. One of the main qualifications is that you should have worked 26 weeks out of the last 66 weeks before the week you expect your baby. If you work until end of Jan you might be fine.

I am not sure about your mortgage and about finding a job, as I haven't been in the situation yet. A friend of mine was looking for a job after her first child and she didn't tell the agency that she had a child, but only that she wants a time flexible job. She loves her current job... so fingers crossed for you.

All the best



Thanks that seems to be good info.

If I was in ur situation, I would probably tell them I was pregnant! I think it could stand you in a stronger position, no 1 want to sack or make redundant a pregnant lady for fear of re percussion ! If I only wish I was a bit further along, I feel sure they would have placed me somewhere else rarther than give me my marching orders . With you if they have a different job in mind then all well and good but if there looking and not got any thing yet I would think find something pretty quickly, if your still waiting on final decision.

Im hoping I can get something temp after I finish if only to qualify for the statutory ! I know looking for a job in retail new year is pretty much fairy dust so will take anything I can that's flexible, my boyfriend has also surprise me with a 2 week all Inc holiday to Egypt in March for my 30 th which is something to b excited about but I know on coming back that's when the struggle will begin! I was thinking I wouldn't be getting anything at all, so if I can work out what I need to do to get statutory so gona work my dates and see where I stand at the min.

Thank you and Good luck


I mean mat allowance ! So used to saying statutory have ha


I'm being finished 12th Jan! 66 weeks back buy my calculations ( due date 24th Aug 2013 ! plus I will be having elective c section as had emergency 1 with son. they do them a week or 2 early don't know if that makes any difference ) will take me to 19th may 2012, meaning I would have worked 34 weeks out of the 66 in Jan ! Does this mean I could qualify for maternity Allowance ? I will be so happy if this is the case :) unbelievably so. I know I will just about management till baby 2s Due but thought I would have to get back in a job ASAP leaving a new baby at nursery / minder with it would totally hate and not do want unless absolutely forced to.

U have totally made my day, it's a massive weight off my shoulders.

Think I'm happier than getting a + test yesterday baring in mind iv waited nearly 2 years! Was totally so happy but filled with worry at the same time

Thank you again.



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