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Counting down, 6 days to go...

I am so impatient it is untrue.

I want to see my little bambino and know that all is well, i am feeling stronger movements now and i love it! Can feel the baby kicking only a little bit it feels like someone's tapping on the inside of my belly, also when i have just had something to eat bambino is still for a while and has energy so starts moving again. Guessing they just love their food like their mummy and daddy! :D Just wish my partner could feel it, don't want him feeling left out.

6 days to go until we find out if we are having a boy/girl.

To be totally honest everyone has different opinions at what we are going to have, i am completely okay with what ever gender our little baby is going to be as long as they are healthy.

Also i finally know the outcome of the Down's Syndrome scan and blood test, i am LOW RISK thank you god. 1 in 22,000 so pretty low which i am glad :) The weight has gone from my partners shoulders too because we waited far too long for our results back which made me very anxious. Our little bambino is now putting the pressure back on to my bladder so more trips to the loo and during the night now aswell, YEYY!

Does anyone know when i go to my 20 week scan on Monday what will happen, and what they will check for? I still can't believe i am half way through my pregnancy already it's amazing, me and my partner were talking about it last night. We can't wait to have our little bundle of joy in our arms.

Does or did anybody else have their sickness coming back now? I am 19 weeks and been having heartburn and sickness again? Any cures or something to dampen down the sickness and heartburn?

Will post on Monday what we find out! :)

Would love replies and opinions of all you yummy mummys! :D

Leanne xxx

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Dear Leanne,

I'll have my 20 week scan next Thursday, so it's a bit more waiting for me... and am really impatient about it, too! I found some information about what is awaiting us next week, so here it is:

I can't wait to know if it's a boy or a girl, although I have a feeling it might be a boy. Do you have a feeling about what it might be? If yes - I wonder if one of us is right :D

I also have heartburn - yuck! Usually it helps me to sit very straight and have a few sips of milk, but sometimes nothing seems to help :(

It's great you feel the baby moving around. I've only noticed it twice during last weekend - but nothing since then, so I'm starting to be slightly worried... Really need to have a look at my little one to convince myself that all is well :)

Good luck for your scan and the second half of your pregnancy!



Thanks newlywed :)

Read that website thanks so much it helps me a little more about understanding it all..but sometimes it may still be gobbledegook to me haha.

I am sure i am having a boy, i will let you know as soon as possible when i find out.

As long my little'un is healthy i will be fine and worry will go away :)

Have you heard the baby's heart beat yet?

When are you due? I have a friend of mine that is due 3 days after me, so if she goes into labor before me then that will just not do :D

Milk does calm it a bit but as soon as i lie down to go to lie i have horrible heart burn, my partner brings to bed some drinks with us and lets me drink it during the night but then i am running to the loo every few hours! :(

I think it all depends on the structure of your abdomen and if your uterus is tilted or not but nothing will be wrong it will just be us mum's worry as per usual! :)

Let me know how everything goes.

Good luck for your scan and the second half of pregnancy too! :D



Thank you :)

I'm due May 4th. When are you? Wow, that's a funny competition :D

No, I haven't heard the heartbeat yet, at the appointments I had so far I was only shown the heartbeat on the monitor. But it was such a cute thing to see, this little heart beating so eagerly :)

Yeah, drinking during the night is not the best thing to do at the moment...


hi, i'm 37 weeks. On your 20 week scan, they check to see if your bambino is a pink or blue one :-. they also do a growth scan, checking length of arms, legs, tummy, head etc, so expect the scan to take alot longer than your 1st one. my 20 week scan took about 30 mins and i was busting for a wee. i've had horrendous heartburn and sickness the last few months, and am now on medication for the heartburn called zantac, which has helped massively with the sickness etc, going by the heartburn the baby should have a mullet hairdo when she makes her arrival lol. the 20 week scan is amazing, as you can see so much more detail, my bambino was being a horror at 1st and kept crossing her legs lol, then she was crossing over her arms, so they couldn't scan her heart. so the midwife had me dancing round to get her to move, hope your bambino won't be as camera shy, good luck and keep us all posted :-)


Gaviscon for heart burn! I only started to suffer with it while pregnant with my now 3 y old and often get it now? My doc prescribed mine so it's safe for baby, I used to have peppermint and keep it interesting fridge for extra coolness. Have just found out I'm pregnant 3- 4 weeks so expecting all the thrills and fun of heartburn etc...


Hi i am currently 22+6 weeks, i ended up hAving my 20 week scan on 2 occasions as baby wouldn't move. They check for the spine, heart and all the chambers are all ok. Head size is correct, kidneys are ok. Not sure what else but generally it can take about 30 mins and you don't have to drink has much water has the 12 week scan which is good. Has for sickness/heartbeat returning, i had it bad before i got pregnant and it seemed to of calmed.down but last week it has come back. I generally drink milk or milkshake or.gaviscon that seems to work.for me but not everyone. I also sometimes have chewing gum.that seems to help.for me aswell. Good luck for your scan and i hope you get to find out girl or boy. I was told i am having a boy but this is my 3rd pregnancy already have a 7yr old girl and 2 yr old boy.



I had my 20 week scan two weeks ago and it was awesome! it took a while because my little fella was sound asleep and wouldn't roll over to show them a proper view of the heart! Best doctors orders ever - go and eat chocolate and dance around!! That eventually woke him up and the were able to see all the organs, measure all the bones and bits, and tell me he was a he :o)

One thing I wasn't expecting was that there were 3 people in there - the sonographer, a chap who was recording measurements, and a student nurse.

So my top tips is to be active before you go to make sure your little bambino is awake, and take chocolate just in case xx


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