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Some please help!!

Ive just found out i am pregnant for the 4th time... And i dont know how to feel am so confused.. I have had 3 previous miscarriages the latest one being just over a month ago... Since then ive started having investigation to see if they can find the cause.. I had a scan last week which revealed i have a 'U' shaped uterus (double uterus). And yesterday i found out i was pregnant.. Im just so convinced that im going to miscarry again.. Does anyone know anything about double uterus??

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Does your partner or someone close to you know how you feel?

Tbh they doctors shouldn't be letting you miscarry so many times without investigating it further the reason i wasn't getting pregnant and kept getting pains really bad in the stomach was because of ovarian cysts.

I suggest go to your GP or nearest A&E and demand that you be scanned in your womb to see if there is any unrelying problem, because i became pregnant just a mere 2 weeks after coming out of hospital because of my problem!

Also if you are pregnant again the doctor can also check on your HCG hormone levels and on your fetus to see if all is developing, you may be offered more scans than a normal pregnancy due to the amount of miscarriages you have.

If you need any advice or anything or want a chat i am here. :)

Leanne xx


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