any Pregnant women have problems after having the whooping cough vaccine???

I would like to know if any one has had there baby die after getting a whooping cough vaccine? My daughter was 31 weeks everything was fine and she got the vaccine and within a day the baby had died. She had IVF to have this baby after trying for 3 years and having a topic pregnancy last Nov 2011. Really need to find out some answers so confused..Thank you


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  • i am so sorry for your daughters loss. i have not yet had the vaccine or know anyone who has recently had it but i am now a biy worried to go ahead with it.

  • research and ask a lot of questions I would

  • so sorry to hear this I haven't had my vaccine yet and i am now starting to think if its a good idea I may have a look on the NHS direct website to find out more about the vaccine as I haven't herd anything like this either

  • I would check it out b4 getting it and ask a lot of questions

  • Did the hospital offer to do a post mortem? I was unfortunate enough to lose a baby at a late stage, although not as late as 31 weeks, and we were offered this. They may be able to give some understanding as to what may have caused your daughter's terrible loss.

  • no they didn't offer it I have read a lot I still can't find any thing on trials on pregnant women but the doctors say it's safe. But I found a site that was a .org site I don't have it right here but it said it wasn't so idk what to think

  • Hi, I'm so sorry for ur lose. I haven't had my jab yet but bein a health professional i would advise everyone to spk to there midwife before deciding not to have it as the test they will have dne on this jab before sayin it safe for preg woman, this chances r very high that this was just a sad event unrelated to the jab. Once again I'm so sorry

  • They say it's safe but haven't done any clinical test on pregnant women and from what I can find on internet they haven't kept track of any adverse reactions. I do not know if this is the cause but I do know she got the shot on Thur and they say the baby passed between Thur and Sat. So I got thinking to check into this, hoping a doctor (OBGYN) would know better if to give it or not. I'm going to see if I get more comments on this. But I would ask questions b4 I would get this injection lots of questions and please let me know the answers you get.. Thank you

  • Hi sorry to hear of your loss but just to share my experience, I had the vaccine and was 100% fine also a friend of mine didn't have the injection and sadly her little girl did pass away because she got whooping cough so it's well worth weighing up the pros and cons with your midwife before making a choice x

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