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Today's the day

Today's the day for the twelve week scan I'm soooo nervous my son started his new. School today too, this morning I have felt the most nausea. T minus 2 hours I hope everything is alright and that there is something there. Today feels like my wedding day all over again lol. I should be 11 plus 6 so I'm hoping I'm not less and that I have a fantastic scan. Wish me luck and ill attach a photo later providing all was ok. X

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Hope all went well allyemo



All is well measuring 11 weeks 4 days, scan was not clear due to my tilted uterus, so no picture which I'm gutted about, doctor seems to think with each pregnancy it tilted that bit more, so she. Going to scan me again mid jan and again I. A weeks time with a different machine x


Glad alls well, shame about the quality of the scan, but hope you get a clear pic next time.

Im now 17 1/2 weeks so waiting for 20 week scan 4th jan. all this waiting! ! Lol

A x


Glad to hear everything is OK Allyemo!

Best wishes,

Alice x


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