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When is best time to conceive after miscarriage?

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Hi guys. Ive just had a miscarriage with my first child at 8 weeks and the bleeding is coming down finally. It was a awful experience and me and my boyfriend are distraught.to be honest, the hospital was useless once i told them, they didn't seem to help or make me feel better at all. We would like to know if we want to try again, when is the best time? and do we have to be extra careful or anything, or do we just carry on as normal? I am still taking the folic acid.

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Sori 2 hear abt ur miscarriage. i had one so i know how you must be feeling now. wait 3 months bafore trying for another baby. this is because your body needs to time to recovery

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Thanks very much for your comment. Ive heard some people get pregnant around 2-3 weeks after but to be honest i want a break vuz i relly dont wanna go through this again.

I am so sorry to hear this the hospital should of been more supportive.I know what its like to go through a misscarriage I was advised by my hospital in jan this year when I had my misscarriage to wait about 3 months to start to retry as this will give your body time to recover from the shock and also will get your cycle back on track and also will lower the risk of a reoccuring misscarriage this was the advice I was giving by my local hospital I actually waited alot longer as I already have a 3 year old daughter and I restarted the folic acid in the july and I am now 17 weeks pregnant and due on may 15th. I hope this advice will help you and I wish you all the best of luck

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I know. I was in a&e for 5 n half hours and in pain. I think i will wait for a bit just to get my body sorted. But whatevr gods plans are i guess ill go with it lol. Congrats on ur pregnancy an hope it all goes well for u

Sorry to hear your news. I lost a baby at 5 weeks and my doctor told me as long as I was mentally ready then we could start to try straight away. We tried straight away and I fell pregnant straight away and am now 20 weeks pregnant.

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Im just worried if i start quick things could go wrong before my body recovers.

carrying on taking the folic acid n dnt worry inshallah 1 day you will have a healthy baby. The 1st tym i got pregnant i had miscarriage and now i have 2 healthy children:)

You will aswel 1 day you just have to be patient

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Yeah im still taking it. I just hope i dont gave to go through this again. Would it take longer? Cuz some people r different aint they?

It might because everyone is different but you need to remember that you have to be healthy for the baby and yourself becuse you wouldn't just be giving birth, you will have to get up at night to feed the baby. And having a baby is a big responsiabilty

Yeah this is true. We wanna move into a bigger house aswell so that at least we can get the ball moving a bit, we got good stable jobs and saved pennys, so we're prepared. When i was pregnant i felt tired alot, so next time i have to keep energy levels up. I relly appreciate the advice and help. It does mean a lot :)

Itz kk.

I'm sorry to hear this, Iost my baby 2 weeks ago was supposed to be eleven weeks but no heartbeat and size was only 6 weeks, when I spoke to the doctor at the hospital she said you can try straight away as your body will only get pregnant when its ready anyway, I look on it that its never a good time to loose a baby but better earlier on, All the very best luck in the world xx

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This is very true ans supportive. Thanks verybmuch. Sorry to here bout ur lose aswell. I wish u the best in the future x

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