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Hi I am 7 weeks pregnant and I have spots ting last week Friday but since yesterday I have pure red but light bleeding with blood cloths

Hi I am 7 weeks pregnant and I have spotting last week Friday but since yesterday I have pure red but light bleeding with blood clothes without any pain I went to doc and a&e twice this week but they booked me a scan app which is tomorrow if anyone who experience the same thanks in advance

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I was 5 weeks, and it starts bleeding with clots, no pain, no temperature. But it was very heavy!! Unfortunately for me it was bad news.

Important thing ask for the blood test to find out your HGG level!! It is very important as they can see what's going on!! Don't trust they will do all the best, they wont, ask them!!

My HGG was very low, that how they understood I had a miscarriage.

But fingers cross! Early Pregnancy Unit should help you.

Look about HGG level for 7 weeks it should be 650 - 229,000 mIU/ml!

Best of luck!!


Hi in 2010 I had the same thing unfortunatly for me also was bad news I had the blood test like jejeru suggests and thats how i found out i had misscarried. I would ask for the blood test aswell as having the scan. I wish you all the luck


Hi I had the same thing but with pain at 6weeks I'm now 8weeks and after 2 scans baby has been seen along with a heartbeat I'm still on pins everytime I go toilet but it could just be normal even though it feels scary some women bleed throughout the pregnancy fingers crossed for you and good luck hun let us know how you go on x


Unfortunataly I had a miscarriage today it's really sad depressing n shocking last week I had my first scan n I see my baby but today nothing is there I really disappointed the way hospital treated u anyway thnx for every one to response me once again thank you all


Hi, i can feel your pain, as i miscarried 2 days ago and am still bleeding. The child wasn't really planned in a sense, but it is still a terrible experience. Me and my partner are hoping to try again when the time comes. to be honest, it may sound sad but i joined this group to talk to other mothers, expectant mothers and share experiences. I hope for the best for you in the future,


Hi I can understand how worried you are but I have had bleeding all the way through so far (15 weeks). The bleeding that I have had has been very servere saturating sanitary towels within an hour at times and have also passed a lot of blood clots the largest the size of my fist which was so scary and I thought at the time that I had miscarried due to also having cramping on and off for over two days now. The previous bleeding that I have experienced wasn't as heavy as this time round but every time I start a new bleed I am advised by my midwife to go to the hospital just to be on the safe side. I was admitted to hospital yesterday for heavy bleeding and after passing that huge blood clot and with abdominal pain with the view to have a scan today to check the baby is ok. Everything was fine and baby is doing well with a strong heartbeat and jumping around without a care in the world. I was convinced I was losing my baby but bleeding is very common and the abdominal pain is what I call 'moving the furniture around in there'. I have been put on bed rest for the third time since I had my first bleed at 5 and a half weeks and again at 11 weeks and all I can do is what I have been told. Although bleeding is common it is always worth while getting it checked out just to put your mind at ease if anything. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope that your pregnancy continues with no further worries or problems x


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