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38 weeks clear liquid leaking , feeling stronger false contactions, could my waters have broken?

Woke up this morning and small amount of clear liquid has been leaking from me , and my false contractions seem to be getting stronger and more noticeable. Im 38 weeks and this is my first pregnancy... not sure if this is my waters breaking or not , can anyone advise me? Thanks :) x

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My advice is put a sanitary towel on and ring the labour ward (or whatevet number uou have been given when you go into labour) they can advise you. If they ask you to go in they should be able to tell on the towel if its your waters. Best of luck!!! X


It well could be anything is possible at 38weekd I've known it where the waters have gone but babys head is plugging them from going fully your best getting to hospital and getting checked out if you've not already and the best of luck x


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