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Should i see a consultant if i am strep B positive?

At 28 weeks i was told that I had a UTI cause by strep B (i'd not really had any symptoms). I was prescribed a course of antibiotics and told I would have to have IV antibiotics during labour. The midwives haven't really given me much information and info on the internet is sometimes conflicting or confusing. I was told that i may need to see a consultant and actually i would like to talk to someone as i am concerned about the welfare of my baby and how this will affect my labour - I dont want to be having to go into hospital too soon into labour as i have a 1 year old at home already.

Did anyone else with strep B see a consultant about it or what was your experience with strep B?

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I am strep B positive too and as far as I'm aware the only time when there is any risk to the baby is when your waters break or you go into labour. It is at this point when the strep B infection can be passed onto the baby. I was extremely panicked but am told it is a normal and healthy vaginal flora and lots of people have it all the time. It can also come and go during pregnancy and so by the time you have the baby you may not have it anymore and that is why they don't currently test for it. If you have tested positive that it a good thing so they can give you what you need when the time comes. In lots of cases it is only discovered if you have any infection or like me you had a little scare and they did a swab. I could well have had strep B with my first child as could you, but never knew and was never given anything during labour as a result. Don't worry and see this as a good thing. The antibiotics are just a cautionary thing and will be more protective. The chances of there being any problems are very minimal and even more so now you have tested positive and everyone knows about it. Hope this makes sense. My midwife gave me a good website Have a look but these websites are always going to paint the worst case scenerio.


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