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11 weeks update

Hi all,

Well I went on holiday at 8 weeks my sickness/ nausea was ok but I'm glad I had my travel bands! Went on a cruise and although your not meant to feel the movement I think being pregnant made me more susceptible to it. And oh the land sickness too wow, a few days I didn't eat much and walked a lot so I've come back and lost about 6lbs. :-) which I'm happy with as I was doing my fitness pal before I went away. Sickness has subsided and I'm still rather tired but I'm not sure if that's to do with travelling 16,000 miles in the last two weeks! Jet lag me thinks, I'm exited about Sunday when we have our second scan at 12 weeks, so far I've not had time to think about what's going on with two kids already moving countries and having a holiday it's been. Rather busy, hence me thinking I'm faking it and that the early scan at 5.5 weeks was not real lol and that I keep saying to myself there was only a sac it was too early to see anything, so excited plus apprehensive

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