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how to be sure everything is okay?

am 11 weeks today with my first pregnancy when I was 7 weeks 2 days I got sent for a scan as I had been passing brown discharge and had pains in my. stomach everything was fine baby heart was beating but now I keep getting the same pains had terrible morning sickness for 3 weeks maybe longer and still having browny discharge sometimes it looks pinky reddy colour am scared that when I go for my 12 week scan they say something is wrong :-(

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hi i had the same problem at 7 weeks was getting brown discharge when i cleaned got really scared thought i was having MC then went to gp and gp send me for scan.everything was fine.. then it happened in 9week went to gp again and he said you might be doing too much work all you need to do is take a 1 week bed rest. i was worried but then i had to calm my self and prayed that when i go for 12 week scan eveything would be ok.. and now i'm 22 weeks and so far eveything is going good... i will pray for you that everything goes well and please try not to worry too much about it coz it doesn't help. its hard but try...GOOD LUCK and do let us know how it went xx


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