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Heart Beat :)

It's been about 2 weeks since i last posted and me and my partner have been busy so not much time to go on the computer for normal reason rather than work :)

I went to my midwifes last week and she took all the usual tests and gave me my downsyndrome results back! I am so relieved i have been waiting a month for these test results to come back. I am a very low risk at 1 in 22,000 so that weight has lifted off of my shoulders :D

My artner wanted to come with me but he had to work because he's outside on a building site they need it finished before the bad weather kicks in, but anyway enough about his work. I heard my little baby's heart beat on the little doppler machine then, i actually almost cried because my 20 week scan is 2 weeks away the week before christmas. She asked me that because i was only 17 weeks + 2 days at the time it might be too early to hear the baby's heart beat through the doppler but we both did!.

I looked like the cheshire cats grin when i heard my little bambino's heart :) she's said everything was fine and she noticed i am also getting a bit of a bump already at 18 weeks and she said that the babies moving up and the placenta seems to be in the right place for what she was feeling at the time. My partner also thought he felt the baby hiccup the other night and was so shocked but he said hit could of just been my belly so he says he's going to wait until he feels a proper kick...

BTW i am 18 weeks + 1day now soo 17th December please hurry up and i want to see my little bambino again! :)

so i excited..

Keep you all updated soon enough.

I will love you and leave you all.

Leanne xxx

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Congratulations, :-) best of luck for you scan on 17th December. I have my twelve week on Sunday :-) x


Aww just shed some happy tears for you, I'm only a couple of weeks ahead, and all I can say is get ready for some kicks at 21 weeks that definitely can't be mistaken for wind, congrats and enjoy every moment xx


Ahh thats so lovely:-) i am 17weeks today! I heard the heartbeat with the midwife last week and again on an angel doppler( i gave in and got one really just because my husband has missed the last month being in Asia with work) but amazing to hear the little bubba isnt it:-)

Look forward to feeling something soon, a week behind you so fingers crossed

Love luck and happiness to you a x


I'm 18weeks saturday 1st time we listern 2 the babys heart beat was at 7weeks 5days at an early scan was surprised then as I didn't think we cud but was amazing brought a sololine b doppler at 10weeks have been listening to baby since :) 20weeks scan is on the 13th hoping we can find out the sex as my partner and daughter are dying to know :) can't wait to good luck to you and partner with baby x


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