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Terrible back pain at night - help!!

I suffer with my back anyway but the last few nights, I can't get comfy at all in bed, my back hurts whichever position I lie in. I tried the pillow between my knees in the early hours of this morning which helped a little but I've woken up with worse back pain.

Can anyone recommend anything that would help me to ease the pain and allow me and my poor husband to get some sleep??

I'm 25 weeks pregnant and know I can't cope with this pain for the next 15 weeks.

Thank you so much in advance

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my husband normally massage mine before we go to bed and while i wake up. That works for me. Also a great way of bonding


I suffer with my back too anyway, and I get Migraines if I don't catch it early. I've found that using a flatter pillow helps, sometimes lying on the living room floor for an hour in the afternoon if I feel a twinge. Sometimes I will fold a small single quilt up and put that on my mattress and it softens the mattress slightly.Other times I put a towel or pillow behind me to stop me rolling into the middle of the bed and support me a little.

I think it's just a case of finding out what works for you...

Good Luck x


I am currently 39 weeks and have had similar problems so can sympathise. I got a wedge support pillow to prop under my bump and whilst this didn't get rid of the pain completely, it really helped. Also don't bother with the expensive support pillows as I tried those and the one I got for a tenner was far better. Good luck!


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