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Pregnancy update! Feeling good!

Hi all, haven't been on here for a little while so I thought i'd do a quick little post,

I'm officially in the 2nd Trimester now and literally on Wednesday I was exactly 13 weeks, I woke up and immediatley felt better, I have had a very tough first 3 months with constantly feeling sick and extreme tiredness so to feel this better is amazing.... I also am starting to get my appetite back, I love food so it was hard not being able to eat anything....All you ladies going through the sickness just keep telling yourself it won't last forever! I have heard of women going through it for the entire time and can't imagine how hard that must be... Everyone keeps saying to me it will be worth it in the end though when you have that little baby in your arms!

I also keep thinking that because I don't have the symptons anymore I dont feel pregnant anymore, its a strange thought I know and i'm sure everything is going ok in there!

Ok so that wasn't a little post.. speak soon ladies


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Hi! That sounds just like me with my first baby. Woke up dead on 13 weeks and felt great, had myself a bacon sandwich. I had my scan on Thursday which has put me forward 6 days so I'm now 13+2 and still nauseous! I'm praying every day that I'll wake up the next morning feeling better. I'm living in hope!

So pleased you're feeling better you can start to enjoy your pregnancy now and may soon get the 'glow' everyone talks about! xx


Hey welcome to 2nd trimester I'm a week off yet, feel exactly the same no symptoms and don't feel pregnant I'm loosing weight to and starting to get a bump I'm twelve weeks. Good luck with your pregnancy ill keep a look for your updates , I update mine almost every week it's good to look back on. :-)


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