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Nausea - Some tips to help it

So this is the begning of my 7th week. I fixed the midwife appointment (18th December) and also the first scan (11th January). I am experimenting, with what i like and helps me. I would keep discovering stuffs (I am sure) and would keep adding it here (maybe also with some links).

SO FAR ....

1. fresh ginger - I keep a small peice of it between my teeth and it helps (especially while cooking strong aromatic Indian food) - This may cause constipation though

2. Lollypops - (have them in various flavours, it feels good to have some better taste in my mouth than what I am having, I opt for simple flavours like orange, ginger and straberry - do not take pineapple/mango/chocolate - because they are anyways avoidable)

3. sleep - :D

4. Grapes - (red one were better than the green ones)

5.Almonds (too many can be too much - may lead to disturbed bowl movements)

6. Apple with salt on it (yeah somehow I am liking salt on top of all the fuits, even organges for that matter)

7. A sipper with juice (it goes longer and adds less waste calories)

8. Cardmom - better substitute to ginger - leaves you with nice breath and no nausea and no constipation either.

9. Travel Bands - my husband got me travel bands from Boots today (also he got me a living Christmas tree, first iving christmas tree of my life).I studied a bit about the use in Pregnancy and it comes out that theyare really safe- you ned to wear it following specific instructions at the pack. I was feeling really low and suffocated today, but these bands are MAGIC !!

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I just started my 7th week and its been so difficult getting an appointment to see my GP :S First antenatal appointment is next week .. I have to wait to see a Midwife... I've been feeling so nauseous this past week. Dairy, anything fried or smelly makes me feel really sick. I always get it half way through my day at work :( I keep having to leave :S

I will try your recommendations . Thank you ! I hope it all goes well for you :D


Hey YR81,

I am totally at the same stage, my first appointment is 18th December so stil some time.

Do let me know if any of the above worked for you - i can add notes and suggestions to this link.

Happy pregnancy!


Yeh I'm exsactely the same stage and my first midwife appointment is on the 18th as well I've been having ice pops and eating little and often as what I want I have it in tiny quantities. My mum swears by barley sugar sweets and arrowroot buiscuits I was incline to believe her as she had 6 children. I know I had all day sickness with my son but this time its back double worst X


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