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Could I be pregnant?! Help!

I recently came off the pill after being on it for several years. I had my first period 'off' the pill last month. My husband and I haven't bothered with any other protection as we intend to start a family anyway. I was ovulating around the 13th of this month and we had sex on and around that date. My period was due yesterday (working on a 30 day cycle), I have taken 3 home tests but all were negative. One I took was an early pregnancy test, which I took last week and didn't really expect it to be positive.

Eventhough I have had 3 negative tests, could I still be pregnant or is this more likely due to me coming off the pill? The reason I am not sure if I am pregnant or not is I have none of my usual symptoms before I come on, I just don't 'feel' like I am going to!

Any help would be be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Best thing to do is wait a week after from when your period was due and do a test in the morning if still negative and no sign of your period get an appointment at the doctors and ask to be tested.

Hope this helps x


I got a positive test this morning! x


Congratulations wishing you all the best :) x




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