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Pulled muscle or something serious?

I am four weeks pregnant and for the past three days i have suffered with really bad trapped wind....not nice! Yesterday i was doing some gentle streching to try and relieve it a little and this morning i have woken up with a tender feeling in a small area of my stomach just below my ribs. It is quite sore and feels bruised when i touch it. I have heard that a pulled stomach can feel very tender but i have never experienced it so wouldnt know. Do you think thats what ive done or is it a sign of something serious like an ectopic pregnancy? I miscarried with my first pregnancy two months ago so im a bit panicky!!!!

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Hi hun, understand your concern, as when I felt these pains at around 7 weeks pregnancy , I panicked slightly , as I didn't understand what they were at first. Then found out that these pains are usually the uterus stretching to make more room for baby :) , but if your still concerned , see your GP and ask for advice, just to be safe :) , good luck with everything , let me know how it goes!



If the pain is near ur ribs then it has nothing to do with your pregnancy..


just go and see your doctor and get some advice. They may take blood tests and make sure that your baby's development is going OK. I had a miscarriage in my first pregnancy a couple of months ago, and nowadays I am coping with a problem - doctors are not sure yet whether I have already had miscarriage or whether I am having ectopic pregnancy right now. this is seemingly very long procedure with lots of blood tests and scannings. But if you doubt anything just go and be checked in order to be relieved of unnecessary doubts and anxiety :)


Thanks for your replys. Woke up this morning and the pain had gone but went to the doctors anyway. He checked my blood pressure and oxygen levels etc which were all normal he felt my stomach and said everything feels fine so fingers crossed it was just a pulled muscle. He reckons im about five weeks. I just panic very easily and worry that im going to miscarry again or worry that things are a sign of ectopic pregnancy or i will go for the scan and there will be nothing there. Silly i know. Trying not to stress about it though just wish i didnt have such a long wait for the first scan. Just need to get rid of this trapped wind now lol bern following peoples advice and i think it is slowly subsiding thank god. Xxx


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