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Pulled muscle or something serious?

I am four weeks pregnant and for the past three days i have suffered with really bad trapped wind....not nice! Yesterday i was doing some gentle streching to try and relieve it a little and this morning i have woken up with a tender feeling in a small area of my stomach just below my ribs. It is quite sore and feels bruised when i touch it. I have heard that a pulled stomach can feel very tender but i have never experienced it so wouldnt know. Do you think thats what ive done or is it a sign of something serious like an ectopic pregnancy? I miscarried with my first pregnancy two months ago so im a bit panicky!!!!

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I would try not to worry but phone your nearest early pregnancy unit for a reassurance scan x Good luck x


That does sound like a pulled muscle which can be due to coughing, burping and other repetitive motions. Especially low in your ribs as the baby is much lower down: below your belly button.

If the pain gets worse or moves down, then early pregnancy unit should be able to alleviate your fears. I wouldn't worry about this though! Best to rest and relax as worrying can make things feel worse.


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