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Help please

Hi all, I'm new to this site. Feeling really low Nd desperately want to talk to someone who understands. I'm almost 8 weeks pregnant and utterly miserable. I've been feeling so sick and tired for the last 3 weeks now and feeling more and more depressed with it. I constantly feel like I have an upset stomach and have no appetite. Has anyone else had upper abdominal pain in early pregnancy? I just want to curl up in my bed and press the fast forward button to when it will stop. My family are really unsupportive and tell me to get on with it as I'm only pregnant, which is making me more tearful. I'm sorry to vent but I'm wondering if I am just a big girls blouse and if others have felt this way too? The thought of managing at work is also a big stress. Thank you for listening all


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Hi hun , Im sorry your feeling so miserable , at this time in the pregnancy I was feeling extremely sick , and experiencing severe morning sickness most days, and was finding it hard to eat anything other than ginger biscuits, which used to worry me , as I used to think that the baby wouldn't be getting enough food! I was reassured at this stage by something I read which assured me that as the baby was small , it would not really affect the baby , and I was taking supplements , so that also made me feel reassured.

I used to have abdominal pain, and was told that was because of the uterus stretching, as the baby was growing. I'm sorry that your family are not being very supportive x , I was also stressed out about work , as I was working a hard manual job, where I had to lift heavy equipment, so I was scared about the effects that could have on my baby, and I didn't have more than 15 mins a day to sit down daily, and I was on my feet all day!

Once you reach 12 weeks, if you feel comfortable tell your work , so that they adjust your work for you, to reduce risks , or hazards to you or your baby! If your not already , take folic acid , and extra pregnancy supplements , to boost your babys development and growth!

Im now 9 months , and everything has gone smoothly, by God's grace it will for you too!

Keep me updated , good luck with everything! Hope all goes well for you!



Dear Kaley,

Sorry you are feeling so down. I know from my own experience what you are going through right now, because the first trimester was really hard for me too. I knew before I became pregnant I'd probably feel sick, so this didn't come as a surprise altough I didn't imagine it as bad as it felt in reality. But what really caught me off guard was that I felt so terribly tired all day. I didn't know how to cope with work and my daily chores. Usually I am pretty confident about work, but during early pregnancy, I was sitting at my desk and felt like crying the entire time because I was so stressed out. Not being ready to tell my colleagues made it worse because I couldn't let anyone know how sick I felt.

The good news is: You will feel better soon! Even though it is hard to believe when you are in the middle of such a low - it will get better. Until then, try to make baby steps - deal with one day at a time and you'll see that soon you will have single days where you feel better, and then a few days in a row, and after a while you will feel well again and can focus on being happy about your pregnancy.

And: You are not alone with these problems, even if your family doesn't seem to understand: I know very few women who felt well during early pregnancy, but sooooo many who suffered the same.

What really helped me at work was confiding in a trustworthy colleague before I was ready to tell anyone else. Talking to her made it better because I knew there was at least one sympathetic person. She was so sweet, stopping by at my office at least twice a day, asking me if I was okay and treating me with ginger tea to help ease the sickness. Maybe you can find such a confidante, too?

What helped me fight the sickness most of the days was not allowing my stomach to be empty. I ate several small portions over the day even though I had to force myself as I soon realized the sickness was less agonizing when I hat something in my stomach.

Hope you are getting better soon! Take care, and if you feel like it, let me know how you are!



Thank you ladies for your kind words of support. It's really nice to hear from you and your words are very comforting. Thank you for encouraging me to remember that this will get better. Newlywed, I have taken your advice and told a trusted colleague who has been really sweet and helped me to remember that this is a happy event, which is easy to forget when you feel so bad! I have tried eating little and often and sometimes this helps but sometimes not. I'll keep trying new things to see if they help. I am starting to struggle with fluids as well as food now.

I hope that when I'm able to tell all friends, family and colleagues it will be easier to cope with. Roagbole, best wishes with the imminent birth of your baby's nd Newlywed, you don't say when your baby is due but I wish you all the best too. Thank you both again xx


You are very welcome :)

I'm 18 weeks today and impatiently waiting to feel the baby move for the first time...

Glad I could help a little!



If you're struggling to keep fluid down try sucking on ice cubes to keep yourself hydrated.

Also put a slice of ginger and a slice of lemon in hot water and drink it once ot's cooled down. This can help.


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