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Am I pregnant?

Ok I had sex with my boyfriend we made sure we timed it perfectly, we have been trying for a baby for awhile now but the month after I had my period we were quite upset but then this month I was a little late then my period shows up strange thing was it was more painful and lighter in flow but it looked a light pink colour and lasted for three days since then ive been getting nauseous headachey,my nipples hurt my stomach is solid and ouchy in places I cant eat my fave foods I keep getting soft cramps in my pelvis,some smells make me feel nauseous, and my stomach feels sorta fuzzy im sleeping alot and making more frequent trips to the bathroom to pee and when I press my stomach it feels slightly bruised I took a test but it was negative im frightened that im not and its something else but im getting all the right signs help me please.

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Hi I hope your not feeling to stressed about this, it's always hard when you are trying for a baby no matter how much you try to stay relaxed! When we were trying I had similar symptoms for a few months and after multiple tests and trips to the doctors I began to just think it was me wanting this so much. When I did become pregnant however I took 3 tests and went to the doctors twice before 2 weeks after being due on I did a clear blue one and it said 2-3 weeks! I don't think I'll ever understand quite what happened there but I did use cheap tests to begin with so that could be it.

Maybe you should try one more test and then if nothing go visit your doctors. If nothing else it may help put your mind at rest that there is nothing wrong with you. Believe me I have been where you are and it's not a nice feeling so I won't say don't worry but you always have to believe that next month is the one :-) hope you feel better soon, x


Hi. Try a digital clearblue test. Hope it's what you've been waiting for :)


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