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Help bleeding at 6weeks pregnant

I've had aches and pains in my lower stomach since finding out I was pregnant 2weeks ago roughly. So my gp refered me for a early scan which confirmed everything was ok that was on Monday. So everything was ok till late Thursday night where I started bleeding it wasn't a lot but it was bright red to start with so we panicked and rang the out of hours GP who rang a ambulance immediately for us. We feared the worst and were in bits we were made to wait in AnE for 3 hours I was in agony and couldn't stop crying the nurses showed no syphathy. It took them 6 attemps to get blood out of my arms. Also my blood pressure was very high when I arrived at hospital and our 3 year old son was with us because we had no immediate baby sitter at that time. They then booked me a scan for Friday afternoon and sent us home. We feared the worst and arrived at the scan to our suprise our little baby ? Was still there it was the same sonographer as Mondays scan and she did a internal scan and confirmed baby had grown infact doubled in size but because I am so early into the pregnancy she couldn't see a heartbeat. They didn't give me any explanation to the bleeding but booked a follow up scan for Friday. I'm now left still spotting black stringy blood and feeling terrible I'm scared and worried. Also I have a history of UTI's and I have IBS so I'm unsure if this matters plus my nausea has got worst each day I need some advise please sorry to ramble on I'm just scared?

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Hi, my first two pregnancies i had uti's around 11-13weeks which caused bleeding. The first pregnancy i knew what it was, so anti biotics cleared it up. My second pregnancy i had no pains or signs of a uti, so the bleeding was very scary. I was due to see the consultant the next day but she didn't seem worried, just thought it was normal. But it kept on happening a few times over a period of a week. But i got an emergency scanned everything seemed fine no signs of bleeding but it still kept.on happening so was very.worried has my job could be physical at times. After 2 weeks i got a letter from the hospital saying i had a uti, so i had to get anti biotics. But it is annoying when they don't rush things a bit more. Especially as i had mentioned the Good luck with your scan in Friday. I qm currently 20 +4 with my 3rd, have my 20 weeks.scan tomorrow.


Thanks hun its mega scary just tryna stay positive now and hope for the best x


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