Bleeding Week 10+1

Started Friday with dark brown mucus bleeding, mainly when I wipe but had bad tummy ache to, Saturday it got a lot worse so I went the early pregnancy ward waited nearly 3 hours had an internal but they couldn't see as my cervix was not visible, there was nobody around qualified to scan me so I am now waiting until Monday to try to get an emergency scan. This is my 3rd baby but with a new partner and I'm also 40. I am very scared it will be a bad out come. Feeling very anxious..

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  • Hi,it was spooky reading your post as I have had the exact same thing this weekend, I am 10+5 and on friday night had a small amount of blood in my knickers then whenever I wipe it's like a dark brown stringy mucus also accompanied by a dull period like pain, my early pregnancy unit/doctors are not available until tomorrow so this weekend has been full of angst and worry and a few tears,its Hard not to think the worst, It's silly but im sneaking into the loo every few mins to check I'm not bleeding my partner has told me not to worry its possibly old blood and the uterus stretching. I had a heavy bleed at 8 weeks and was scanned and baby was fine so I'm praying all will be fine tomorrow. I will Be thinking of you too, hopefully this is just another pregnancy symptom, I didn't realise pregnancy would be such a worry. Take care x

  • Thanks chelseabun, I'm the same, Ill be on the phone first thing for an emergency appointment, same as I still have the dull pain though bleeding not quite as bad, I have been trying not to worry my partner saying no point worrying it wont change anything but I can help it, Fingers crossed for you too, lots of luck, plz let me know how you get on, take care too x

  • hi, hope your feeling ok today, i rang my doctor first thing but they were fully booked so the doctor rang me back he didnt seem concerned about my symptons,he said this dull type ache and discharge is fairly common in the first 12 weeks and unfortunately theres not much they can do he said (which upset me a bit) that if the worst was going to happen it would happen if they sent me to the EPU again or not.The tummy ache has gone a bit today and the discharge is not always there but im still paranoid checking every hour,he said to ring straight away only if the discharge turns bright red and is extremely heavy. Im 35 and my son was born 15 years ago so this is like a first pregnancy all over again,my partner says the same as yours but i just want this precious baby so much its impossible not to worry. I really hope all is well with you and baby,let me know how you got on today,im praying i get the date for the 12 week scan through soon its torture not knowing. lots of love x

  • I'm in exsactely the same predicament I had the same thing Thursday night then I had a scan Friday they said baby looks fine but because I'm only 6weeks the heartbeat wasn't visable I've now got to wait to Friday for another scan its really scary though I didnt have anything like this with my son its horrible when they make you wait hope everything goes ok for you x

  • Hi Unfortunately I have had my scan it shows my baby has no heartbeat, my dates are spot on, I have to wait another week just to be safe but I know, the pain has been excruciating, I basically have to wait for nature to take its course, If not I will get some tablets to do the job for me next week, the way I have to look at it is that there was something wrong so it stopped before progressing, I am sure your situations are very different to mine so please do not worry I know its hard, people out there are a lot worse off than me I have 2 beautiful boys and my new partner has a son who is my hon son too. I insisted on an appointment as its unfair to be kept waiting, they were brilliant this time at a different hospital, please both keep me informed, I wish you all both the luck in the world lots of love xx

  • My thoughts are with you, ive been there twice myself. Just try and jeep focused on your 2 boys, things will be ok :). Just remember, its perfectly fine to cry, be angry, shut yourself away, but its also perfectly fine to be ok and get on with it, everyone is different. Take care sweetie xx

  • I was in this position 2 months ago - by the time I got a scan the embryo had already become detached so it just looked like a blood clot that I had to just wait and allow to pass. I can honestly say though that I didn't know how to feel - partly because I'd only found out I was pregnant 3 days before so I guess it still hadn't sunk in.

    There were lots of other women at the EPU that day and many of them getting good news, so it's not always bad news. I hope it goes ok for the others of you, try not to worry xx

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