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Not sure if i am pregnant, any advice?

If I am pregnant I'll be three weeks tomorrow, I'm 18 and have never been in this situation before and am not really sure how to handle it. I'm already about 4 days late but have been having slight cramping throught this week but no bleeding what so ever! Slight sensativity in my breast + I have noticed that foods I usually love have made me feel sick from the smell of have tasted completely different. However at the moment I have the flu quite badly so I'm not sure whether to blame this all on that?! If any body has any adive I'd be gratefull

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I have to admit that I thought I want pregnant because of cramping add I thought my period was going to come any day. The only way you will know for sure is to take a test. The pound shop sells them now so you can get them anywhere. Theres no point trying to guess eitherway untill you have taken a test as the symptoms could just be because you have been ill or it could be pregnancy.

Good luck, hope you get the answer you want.x


Do a test hun try a clear blue one or go to your local sexual health clinic they will be able to help. I was 18 when I had my first it can be daunting because I looked about 12 but best thing to do if you are is enjoy it. Don't let anyone put you down and enjoy it x


Hi I agree with the other two ladies buy a test and do the test first thing in the morning.


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