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Beet root juice

Ok ladies, I am now 5wks 6 days pregnant and in the morning I passed red urine.

My reactions were obvious - called my husband - cried - called the midwife.

Midwife suggested it might have been a miscarriage. But it did not sound right to me as there was nothing on the toilet paper and noting on my vagina. My discharge was white - pure white (not even pale or yellow)

And I was certain it cant be my baby draining out of my body, unless the little one slipped to my bladder from my uterus (which is impossible).

So I Googled results on 'blood in urine during pregnancy'. Most of them suggested

1 Urinary track infection - which would ideally mean pale to pink urine if its not an acute condition coupled with burning and pain in the uterus (the process is gradual, so you would notice something in advance)

2. You have a cyst - which again needs to have some symptoms before it is fully blown cyst

3. You have cancer in Kidney or Bladder, again the pain would be acute, and some symptoms before you actually see red-blood in your urine

4. There might be a stone - again acute pain

5. the little one has pushed some wrong nerves inside you - but for that the little one needs to be more than 2mm atleast.

Not convinced I called NHS and they gave me an appointment immediately.

My doctor, Dr. S Josal was really nice, she asked me a lot of questions on previous infections in my Uterus (and I do have a history of an infection which lasted for almost an year, causing irritation of skin and troubles in peeing but only sometimes, it was like a re-occurring phenomenon). I also sometimes had acute pain my vagina while making love and I have to tell my husband to stop because it would just hurt too much. However, nothing really serious or bothering.

She sent me to take my urine sample - everything with me looks really ok, with no pain or soreness anywhere.

My Urine was pink this time (not as red as I noticed it in the toilet, but pink, quite pink and not just pale pink).

So what was it - the test strip said - IT HAD NO RED-BLOOD CELLS IN IT - that was reassuring at many levels. I have a border line chances of infection, but nothing serious.

So her obvious next question was what did i eat in the night - my husband jumped at this one and said 'Beetle Juice' and before the doctor gets further confused I corrected him - Beet root juice.

And it was the beet root juice making my piss go red!

I was so relieved by hearing this :)

But than thinking of it, Beet root juice although rich in iron and minerals and really healthy for pregnant women, can be so deceptive. I have decided not to take it until the baby comes to this world.

PS: The doctor sent the urine sample for detailed examination for any further infections but assured that I should not be worried at the moment. :)

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Glad to hear everything is OK! Thanks for sharing your story.

Alice x


Haha! This must have been scary to start with, but how funny! I would never have thought of that! Glad all is ok xx


:). Beet root is very healty, indeed you did'nt diserve the scare. Good that you were fine! All the best till the end of it :).


thank yu ladies, beware of beet root, it can be very freaky ;)


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