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16 weeks and worried

H, I'm 16 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy, the first I lost back in may after years of ttc. Since moving into the 2nd trimester and losing the horrible morning sickness I just don't feel pregnant, I do have a bump and I get terrible headaches but I'm just wondering whether I should be feeling differently. My first pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage so I did not find out the baby ha died for 3 weeks, I'm worried in case the same is happening now.

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Just take it one day at a time. My second pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage, and I didn't start to relax with this pregnancy until I could feel regular movements.

I think one of the worst aspects of having had a missed miscarriage is that I stopped trusting any signals my body was giving me. My first pregnancy, I went through a stage where I was convinced something was wrong and I ended up with a beautiful, healthy daughter. My second pregnancy I felt fit and well and had that second trimester 'glow' happening and it was four weeks before I knew anything was wrong. So my third pregnancy, I didn't trust any symptoms, good or bad.

Just know that it's normal and ok to feel how you're feeling, and that it'll likely continue for a few more weeks. Best advice I can give is to acknowledge any fears and concerns, and then breathe deeply and try to move on with your day. Take charge of whatever aspects of your pregnancy that you can - eat well, drink lots of water, take the right vitamins, and spoil yourself where possible.

If need be, contact your midwife (if you don't have a named midwife at this stage, perhaps ask to speak with your local community midwife). I'm sure that they will understand your concerns and they may be able to give you some guidance on how to stay sane until you get through the next few weeks.

It does get easier once you can feel regular movements. With my first pregnancy, i felt regular movements from around 19 weeks. With this pregnancy, it wasn't until around 21 weeks - although i suspect there was the same amount of activity, but with a busy toddler taking so much of my attention I noticed the tiny early movements much less.

All the best

R x


I just had my 16 week midwife appointment and heard babys heartbeat which is a massive reasurance! If you have an appointment soon im sure you will hear yours too :) you can always call midwife and ask her to bring a doppler with her if she didnt mention anything about it before. Im sure everything is fine, im 16+4 and just today felt a few little kicks, but had no other symptoms since going into 2nd tri! just try to relax best you can xx


Thank you both for your comments - it's a worrying time but I saw my midwife today and heard the babies heart beat which was such a relief so I obviously just need to stop worrying and enjoy the pregnancy! It's really nice to have a place to share concerns and get such positive feedback so thank you.


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