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Bump warm to touch???


I'm 19 wks 2 days pregnant & my bump has appeared in the last few days. I've started feeling some flutters n slight movements at each side of my stomach. At each side of my bump it is warm to touch & the middle of my stomach is cooler. Is this normal?!?!? Wondered if it was due to the baby's movements.

Thanks in advance for any responses

Alison xx

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It never would have occurred to me to even check or think about it if I hadn't read your post, but I'm 31 weeks 6 days and having just checked I can report that my bump is also cool in the middle and warm at the sides.


How bizarre ! I noticed last night that my bump and boobs were hot . I have had a growth spurt over the last few days , and have a theory that its skin stretching ? It's a weird heat like sunburn but not as hot . I am 18 weeks and 5 days , but don't think I have felt any movement . Would be good to know the reason for the heat . X


Thanks for your replies- glad I'm not the only one with heat patches!!! :-) xx


I want heat patches!! :-) I am only 14 weeks and can't wait to get my bump and feel bubba moving!! :-)


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