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Omega 3 supplements .. Please HELP!!

Hi ladies,

I just got this pack of Pregnacare PLUS from the pharmacy (they ran out of Pregnacare ORIGINAL), this one has 28 tabs of Vitamins (which contain folic acid) and anothr 28 tabs of Omega 3 (fish oil). I was told by the pharmacist that I can take both of it. I read on internet about it, and some articles suggest that taking OMEGA 3 is good for healthy brain of a child and some says too much fish can be harmful. Whom to believe.

I normally eat salmon once in two weeks (sometimes once in a week even), eat more of chicken and beef. Anyone who knows or have experience with taking both of it together.

(My mom did suggested Omega 3 even before I got that packet, but she suggested it based on her pregnancy and the last one was 20 years ago, times and environment has changed a lot over last 20 years, so I am still confused)

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hi i'm not really sure about these things coz i was told that i should have folic acid which is most important for brain development and food which is rich in Vitamins. i think you should ask your gp or midwive just incase coz too much fish can be harmfull for growning baby....hope this helps.


I take pregnacare plus as i dont like fish, my midwife said its perfect for me even though I do eat a few tins of tuna every week. Check with your midwife but mine says that as i dont eat fish often it is a good choice for me.


if u have spoken to ur midwive then it should b fine. coz i only eat fish 1 in 2week or somthing so i'm so far good and my self not a big fan of fish....but will ask my midwive just in case.


Thank you ladies, I will call the mid-wife to make sure. But as of now, I think I will believe my Mom and take Omega 3 (psstt.... all three of us, me and my sibblings have beautiful hair and attractive eyes, and mommy thinks we are quite smart too ;) :P)


The reason you shouldn't eat too much fish is that it can contain mercury and as far as I'm aware omega 3 capsules/tablets won't contain mercury xx


My midwife told me it was only certain type of fish that you should avoid eating too much off I remember one was tuna but can't remember the others as i don't really eat much fish apart from salmon and cod occasionally). The pregnacare plus capsures are especially designed for pregnant women so I wouldn't worry about them having any kind negative effect on you :-) x


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